Demo, Salvage and Loads of Help

We were so lucky this morning… a half dozen people descended on our house with tools, equipment and manpower to help us with our pole barn!  Yesterday I posted sarcastically on Facebook about the best thing about being in the U.P. is the snow load enough to collapse buildings.  Today, not-sarcastically, all the help we got is one of the best things about living in the U.P!  Plus, we got offers of help and well wishes from lots of other people too! We were very, very lucky that these people came out to help us… and bright and early too.  I walked downstairs with crazy hair, glasses and my flannel pink-flowered grandma bathrobe on and there out the window was someone already coming to help and it wasn’t even light out yet! Hope they enjoyed that show!


One of Joe’s coworkers/friends brought a huge snow thrower and cleared out our driveway, cut down the banks in front of the house, and cleared out our entire parking area out back so now Joe will have more room to put snow and they had room to work today.


Another coworker (Joe’s boss even suggested getting lots of this equipment from their work about 3 miles up the road from us) got this big blue thing (don’t even ask me what it is, a fork lift crane thingie with big tires) and brought it down to help move and take down the big beams etc.


And all the man power came too… shovels and chain saws and people climbing and lifting and moving stuff…



We are now the sad owners of a pile of rubble.

IMG_0159 IMG_0160


Everyone with stuff that got damaged had insurance and were all so kind and understanding! Our snowmobile was a bit damaged and our Pacifica was actually driveable, that car will haunt us forever, but it was still pretty damaged.  At this point we hope it has at least $4500 of damage so we can total it.  Less than that and we are forced to fix it, then sell it.


We know what we are doing in the spring now! And we’ve already had offers for a barn raising… people are so kind!


Now as I post Joe is outside shoveling the rest of the roof off so it doesn’t collapse too (hopefully!) and his boss is out there keeping an eye on him and hanging out.  His boss is the one who put the work party together for us last night and helped us yesterday and today.  James, the raccoon today, is snuggled in my lap – he and I went out shopping today and brought home pizza for the workers. Cora spent most of the day gated in the laundry room and is now enjoying a nap on the couch.  We do that so she doesn’t bark all day and drive me nuts and/or startle James.  If he is asleep he can sleep through barking and if he is awake he is fine, but if he is on the line between he  startles by it and gets upset!  Not sure what we will do tonight, Joe was supposed to work this weekend  so I assume he will at least go in tomorrow so maybe tonight he will hang out with us!


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