The Day Our Pole Barn Collapsed

… otherwise known as one of the worst days we’ve had around here ever!

Today started off like a normal day around here for us, work for Joe, chores for me, playing for James, walks for Cora. Then it turned into the day our pole barn collapsed.  Our big 300ft polebarn that we use a lot… one of the reasons we even bought this property. Normally the roof collects snow and then on the warmer days the roof will heat up and the snow will dump off on it’s own.  This year, we got so much snow in such a short time, and the temperature has been so cold the roof hasn’t been able to dump the snow off and it finally got so heavy that the whole building collapsed.  Not how we wanted to end our day for sure.



The front half, where the collapse is, housed our Pacifica, a couple of snow mobiles, some boats and a brand new camper.  Unfortunately the boats and camper belong to other people but right now the roof is balanced on the camper and we might be able to save those things.  Our Pacifica, the car we were in the process of selling, is probably totaled.  Bummer.  Thankfully no one was in or around the building when it collapsed since I was just out there yesterday and was on my way out there again today to clean out the Pacifica and Joe uses the building regularly.  The back half contains two old Jaguars, a Dodge truck, Saturn, more snowmobiles and a ton of tools etc.  Hopefully with a team of people we can stabilize the back half long enough to get the snow off the roof and get the boats and camper out of the front half.  Then with any luck we can save the cars and the rest of our stuff from the back before the back half collapses too.  Joe managed to get the Saturn, Dodge, our snowblower and two snowmobiles out of the back half but if that side collapses too then he will lose his two Jaguars which would be really awful.


The one side of the building is only being held up by trees.  Thank goodness we never got around to cutting them down last year, otherwise the wall would have fall out entirely and who knows if the back half would have gone too at that point.




I took Cora for a walk around noon and the pole barn was totally fine.  Joe picked James and I up and we all went out and got lunch and then he dropped us back at home and headed back to work.  At about 3:30 or 4 when I took her around again this is what I found.  Then I had to call Joe and ruin his day.  When I called I started by telling him I was going to ruin his day too and that I was so sorry… he rightly assumed that I broke his saw or something in the house (I was planning on doing some craft work in the basement and I have broken just about every saw we’ve ever owned) … he was not expecting me to tell him our entire pole barn had fallen down.  Joe’s boss and another coworker came right here and then later the owner of the camper stopped by.  Joe also called the power company to have them come shut off the power.  The big truck came, and the man got the power turned off, but then because there is so much snow outside his huge truck got stuck in our driveway.  So then we had to call a tow truck to get the power company out of our driveway and back on his way…what a mess! I only hope it doesn’t get worse tomorrow when people come to try and stabilize/salvage whats left.




2 thoughts on “The Day Our Pole Barn Collapsed

    • Yea! Definitely not our idea of a good today! Today made it better though, a bit anyways, we had lots of people come help. It’s not cleared up etc. but at least the most expensive items are safe now and we can go from there!

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