French Bread, Barn Wood, Anchovy Dressing

We started the morning off with a baby picture today! Although our certified hunk didn’t want to face the camera.  He is offically 8 weeks old today, but not yet 2 months.  Did you know 2 months does not equal 8 weeks like it should? That bothers me that they aren’t even… we have an eight week old, and Monday we will have a 2 month old! Annoying! Anyways… he has been fascinated with the T.V. lately… if we play on the floor and I don’t face him away from the T.V. all he wants to do is stare at it!


He is wearing his shoes from this post that I bought for him when we found out he was a little boy! The shoes stayed on for the duration of the photo and then when I went to feed him one fell off, so the other came off.  They lasted about 5 minutes!


I didn’t get much done beyond normal chores today but I did manage to make some french bread this afternoon.  Although, nothing besides the shape made it French bread, so I think it was just bread shaped in a loaf like that and not actual French bread.  Anyways, it’s bread and it will serve to turn into peanut butter and jelly toast for my breakfast.


I also hauled myself all the way out to one of the old chicken coops to rip two boards off the outside to turn into craft projects.  Because everybody likes ‘barn’ wood right? Barn as in old chicken coop, but I’m going to call it barn wood… close enough!  The snow was so deep… I sank almost up to my waist and I should have definitely gotten my snow shoes out and I didn’t.  I knew beforehand that I should have gotten them, but I figured it wouldn’t be so bad, and then I took my first few steps and sank… but by that point I was already covered in snow so I just slogged through it and got my boards. We’ll see if I get a chance at some point to turn them into something!


Joe had more plowing to do when he got home so I gave James his bath and got him to bed.  I better toss some salt or knock on wood or something, but that baby gets his bath, gets his snack, he got a book tonight and then goes straight to sleep no fuss! It’s amazing! Especially since naps are not always easy to get him to take… bedtime hasn’t been an issue since his first few days!  So once Joe was inside and I was downstairs we got some supper ready together.  Mostly Joe but I hung out in the kitchen with him and put lettuce and carrots in bowls for us.  Joe made us a lemony vinaigrette dressing and then a very garlicky, anchovy dip for our bread.  The dip was really tasty but very spicy from the 7 cloves of garlic in it.  Cora licked the bowl after supper and she is going to have garlic breath all night!

Now we are finished with supper and Joe took Cora out… and as I was typing my last paragraph Joe came downstairs with the baby who woke up! He must have known I just typed that above because as soon as I was done he proved me wrong! He isn’t crying though but was fussing and must be hungry when normally he goes down at like 7:30 and then sleeps until 1 at least.  I think he must have just wanted to see his dad for awhile today! So now we have a little baby to put back to bed and then bedtime ourselves!


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