Pasta Supper, Beef Jerky Pt 1, Poolish

A very, very cold day today up here! Similar to much of the country right now, and warmer than some! I managed to take a nap and do some stuff around the house while James was sleeping and with James in his carrier for awhile… in his carrier he made it through vacuuming and washing half of the dehydrator before he got tired of it and wanted out.  I was just glad he let me put him in it for even a few minutes, he seemed to like it better this time and was having fun looking around while we walked around the house.  Maybe he will get more used to it and I can wear him longer. My back and shoulders need to get used to it too! The kitchen scale says he weighs 14lb 7oz today and he is only going up from there!

I mentioned the dehydrator getting washed because it has been years since we have used it, and I was reading dehydrating blog posts today from other people and decided I would get out our dehydrator, clean it up, and try making some ground beef jerky.  I roughly followed the recipe here, although I only used 2lb of ground beef and I definitely did not use liver.  I don’t love liver, but I know it’s pretty good for you, it might actually be a good way to sort of hide it and con myself into eating it.  If this works out maybe next time I could try the liver.  We won’t know until tomorrow if it turns out edible or not.  If nothing else I am sure Cora or my chickens will eat it if we don’t want it.


Two trays of ground beef jerky all ready to go.  We will see how they taste tomorrow afternoon!



Tonight Joe and I (and James of course) also went to the grocery store.  I wasn’t planning on taking the baby out but then I had a few things I wanted to get too so Joe picked us up after he was done working.  For anyone worried about the bitter cold and the baby, don’t worry! He was totally fine.  He was so bundled up I’m pretty sure I made him mad and when we got home and Joe unbundled him he was practically sweaty.  He was probably over dressed but I covered him up good just to be sure… he was just fine and once we got in the car he fell asleep and slept through, or was quietly awake, our whole shopping trip.

IMG_00000302I’m not sure what the name of our supper was, but Joe cooked it up after we got home and put groceries away and it turned out super tasty.  There was pasta of course and then the topping was roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives and capers in it. I don’t normally like big hunks of tomato but I ate every single one of them!

IMG_0080Now Joe is in the kitchen starting poolish for another meal, I’m finishing up my blog post for the day, James has been sleeping for a couple of hours and once we’re finished we’ll be heading to bed too! All ready to wake up for another day of bitter cold and snow…


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