Sunday Summary

Here is a rough summary of our day in pictures!

IMG_0055Joe had to work this weekend but instead of going in to his office he brought some work home with him.  We distracted him though so he didn’t get too much done.  He has a big project deadline coming up and has been super busy.

IMG_0056Cora, relaxing in her chair…

IMG_0058I decided to try something new and learned how to clean out the bend in the bathroom sink pipes.  The sink was draining slow and I thought it might be clogged with cat food (don’t ask me why there was cat food in the sink).. but when I cleared it out, it was pretty empty.  I think the actual drain plug trap thing higher up is maybe a bit clogged and I can’t get the drain stopper out. I’ll have to figure that out sometime.  But, I did managed to take apart and reassemble the sink pipes without making a mess…and they do not leak!

IMG_0060Joe taking a break and snuggling with Cora.

IMG_0062James hanging out in his pack and play, he spent some time talking to his orange cat toy and reaching out and batting it.  He can’t really grab purposefully yet, but he definitely has hitting things down good!


These three are just some examples of our snow right now.  This afternoon Joe made 5 trips to his work to pick up all of our auction lights (See yesterdays post) and then he got our old car washed so we can get it ready to sell.  Cora and I decided to go out for a quick walk around the pole barn while he was gone.


The snow on the roof of this barn is so deep.  I don’t think I have ever seen it as deep as it is right now.  It’s going to be a gigantic bummer when we get a warm day and the metal heats up and all of this snow dumps off into our roadway.  I don’t even know if our snow blower will be able to make it through that when it does! Maybe we will get lucky and it will melt before it dumps.  I hope I am not near it when it goes… it will be loud and messy and a bit dangerous!  It reminds me to make a rule with James when he is old enough that he is not allowed to play under roof snow because it’s dangerous!


IMG_0074Tonight we decided to try out James’ bathtub.  The darn tub is so big it won’t fit under our kitchen tap, or hook onto the kitchen sink like it’s supposed to. The only way to use it is to put it in our bathtub and do it that way so he hasn’t had a real bath yet.  He gets a sponge (hospital style) bath almost everyday and we tried a sink bath before Christmas, but that didn’t work so well either.  James wasn’t sure what to make of this kind of bath… he squired and kept trying to roll over so we had to keep straightening him out.  He didn’t seem to hate it anyways…it was a pretty neutral reaction.  Maybe he will like baths better when he can sit up better and play some more.

Now at 8pm James is in bed, Joe and Cora are sitting on the couch with me and we’re watching Guy’s Grocery Games on T.V.  I might go cut some basket reed to make a basket and we’ll probably have popcorn later for a snack.  The last load of laundry is going in the washer, the house is relatively clean and we’ll see how long James sleeps before he gets up for the first time! The past two nights he has slept about 7.5 hours in the first shot, then 3 hours for the second, and then he woke up once an hour for his last 3 hours of sleep until I gave up and got up for the day 🙂



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