Auction Lights

Not much going on here today! Mostly the usual…snow, plowing, some diaper changes, a trip to the  store, chores and animal care.  We did try to take a family nap but our smallest member wasn’t buying into it like the rest of us were! Bummer! We are home now and going to have shredded beef tacos for supper with cabbage and cheddar cheese.  We had tacos of various forms twice yesterday too… clearly we like tacos around here!


In other news… Joe won all these lights in a work auction.  All 63 of them if my counting was accurate!  Most are the same although a handful are different sizes.  They all seem to be 480v which is different.  We have 220 in our pole barn, but definitely not 480. I took several electrical courses in college but I have no idea how all that works anymore but since Joe does that for a living I’m confident he could figure out how to use them if he wanted.  Otherwise, does anybody want to buy a light or two? 🙂


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