Eggs and more eggs!

Now that I am no longer pregnant and our newborn is not so new anymore (he is going on 7.5 weeks already!) I decided I should focus back on my blog and try to post more of our projects and life here again! So today it’s my chickens’ turn… as of yesterday I have collected 24,725 eggs!  Such a number! I didn’t even believe it, I had to go back and look through my records, but it’s correct.

IMG_0054Current Chicken Facts

  • We have had chickens since September 2009 and have been getting eggs daily since February 14, 2010
  • We currently have about 30 chickens, including 1 rooster
  • We have had as many as 80 chickens and 4 roosters
  • We only ate one rooster ever, and that was because a neighbor brought him to us thinking he was ours and had strayed.  Unfortunately for him he wasn’t ours and we had no idea who he belonged to..and already had 3 of our own roosters. So, we ate him.
  • With a few exceptions our chickens are allowed to grow old and die a natural death because neither of us wants to kill and butcher them (bad farming techniques I know!)
  • We have 4 types of chickens
  • Our oldest chickens, leghorns, lay white eggs
  • We also have two types of brown layers and a blue/green laying type.
  • We sell our extra eggs and for awhile during peak production we were getting upwards of 40 or 50 eggs a day and our fridge(s) were overrun.
  • We now get around 6-12 daily
  • Chickens are super smart and know to get excited when I carry a scrap bucket outside or when I come out in the morning to bring them scratch corn.
  • Our chickens are expensive, messy pets because egg sales do not pay for their upkeep… Maybe two years or so I calculated the price per dozen eggs would need to be a minimum of $4.50 to pay for them and more to make any money.  Feed prices have gone up a lot and it would be even more now!
  • I wouldn’t mind keeping a few chickens for our own egg supply but we may not keep such a large flock in the future and wouldn’t supply others with eggs really.
  • When we first got chickens I kept track of every chicken-related purchase, every death, every egg, every detail about the chickens.  Now I just keep track of eggs.
  • The egg totals above do not count the eggs that the chickens occasionally break and eat.  Unfortunately they love eggs and I often find pieces of shell that they cracked and ate themselves.  A bad habit that is difficult to break.  Most places suggest starting over with new chickens…
  • Joe is better at cooking eggs than I am.  Sometimes he makes an easy supper with rice, scrambled egg, and pork (it has some sort of actual recipe name) and it’s one of my favourites.  If we traded vegetables around with it I could eat that pretty much every night for supper and call it good 🙂
  • Joe does not like the chickens!
  • So far the only wild animal troubles we’ve seen are two raccoons who accidentally wandered into the coop and didn’t hurt a single chicken or egg, mice who like to eat all of the chicken feed, and a coyote who occasionally scopes out the coop but has never done any damage or caused any trouble.  We have been lucky and I better through some salt or knock on some wood after typing this!
  • The picture above is pretty representative of our current egg situation.  Mostly brown because we have two types of brown layers, a few green/blue eggs, and occasional white eggs. The white eggs are smaller than the others now because those chickens are pretty old.  The brown eggs are consistently the largest. .

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