FJ Cruiser

As promised here is a photo of our new car.  Joe and I went out to find some breakfast/lunch and we stopped in a big parking lot so I could try out the car!  Its rear-wheel drive/4 wheel drive which I am not very used to, my old, old car was front-wheel and our Chrysler was all-wheel so Joe had me try to spin it in the parking lot so I knew how it felt, and then I learned about putting it into 4-wheel drive, which is what I will use most of the time during the winter for sure! Plus he walked around the car so I could check out blind spots and see how the backup camera works! It’s definitely an off-road vehicle but it should work well for us for travel and in the winter for snow and bad weather too! And maybe we will go exploring next summer with James and Cora in tow and see what we can find 🙂


There are several other FJ Cruisers up here including bright blue, bright yellow, purple and silver.  We thought we had the only black one but Joe saw another one yesterday… they are pretty popular here.  Besides being higher/different to drive there are also a bunch of other features and accessories that make it different compared to other cars we’ve had.  This one comes with satellite radio, bluetooth docking for hands free cell phone use, a back up camera, lots of hooks and storage compartments, a roof rack, skid plates (in case I run something over) cruise control that actually works!, a compass, temperature sensor (-10 or so this morning) and a little sensor that detects inclines.

It even came with two keys, plus a third key to just open the doors! Our Chrysler came with one key and we never spen the $200 to get another made so we were always sharing and trading it back and forth and I was always worrying I’d lock it in the car! Having two keys seems so fancy now! I’m sure it has other cool things that I don’t even know about yet and while it doesn’t get amazing gas mileage, it gets the same or slightly better than the Chrysler did while being more rugged and having a higher tow capacity (4700lb). Plus, it’s new so it came with all sorts of warranties and only about 100 miles on it, so we can get work done on it when we need to and not need to worry about it for awhile.


I tried to avoid monkey’s for as long as possible…it seems like everything little boy oriented has a monkey on it.  I made it for a few months too without a ton of monkey stuff but then the baby got his Christmas mobile and out of all the animals on it he gazes at the monkey and loves it.  So when we were shopping I gave in and grandma got him a new monkey snow suit! And he might just be the handsomest baby monkey ever in it! So now I guess we have to like monkeys 🙂  Baby monkey here came out with us this morning but it was so cold so he was bundled up very warm.  When we got home he was fast asleep so I just brought the whole car seat and bundled baby right into the living room.  I figured he would wake up pretty quick but he actually slept for 2 hours before I gently took him out of the seat and woke him up a bit!


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