A week of Christmas

Last week was a busy week for us!  Monday night Cora went to the kennel and early Tuesday morning Joe, James and I left for Minnesota to visit Joe’s family.  We stayed through Christmas day and came back the day after Christmas.  We saw both sides of the family plus two friends of Joe’s, one from high school and one from college, who we don’t get to see very often.  James was a trooper through all of it, especially the long car rides.  He was fussier than normal and totally off his routine but he managed to make it through 🙂

All of the photos from Minnesota are from Joe’s mom! I took a few but they aren’t as good!

ry%3D480James and daddy on Christmas eve.


James in Joe’s lap smiling at his Granny.


Our family picture, including a very angry baby 🙂 Granny, Grampy, Uncle Sam, James, Joe and me. I started holding him and he was pretty mad, so we thought maybe if dad held him it might be better but it wasn’t! Good memories of his first Christmas anyways!



Above: 4 generations… Joe with James, Joe’s dad and grandpa, Papa. Below: James and his great-grandma, Grammy.



James’ great-aunt Holly holding James and meeting his cousin Autumn who is held by her grandma.  Autumn is exactly one week older than James 🙂 November was a good month for our family!


James had a bit of a rough night Christmas Eve and spent most of the evening wanting to nurse/snuggle so I missed a lot of the party.  He must have been overwhelmed with the drive down and finally we gave up and headed home to get him to bed!


 Above: James and grampy on Christmas morning checking out his new fishy rattle.  Below: James and his Uncle Sam in their matching Christmas jammies.



James and I Christmas morning.  He was awake some, sleeping some and nursing some… he had a nice Christmas morning!


We had a fun, but very fast, trip in Minnesota and then spent Friday here at home back in the U.P. we caught up with the dog and our animals, did laundry and repacked, unpacked gifts and Joe even had to work on Friday for the day.  Then Saturday morning we dropped Cora back at the kennel and headed to Wisconsin to visit my family for the weekend to have a second Christmas!

IMG_0009James at home on Thursday trying out his new jumper toy (propped up by a pillow!)

IMG_0025Seamus the cat hiding in the Christmas tree


Above: James and grandpa hanging out Monday morning before grandpa had to go to work.  Below: James and grandma snuggling on the couch.



James missed opening gifts here because he was sleeping and we decided not to wake him up! He got a brand new mobile for his crib and is fascinated by it when we turn it on.  James didn’t meet quite as many new people on this trip but he did get to meet my godfather and his wife which was nice and he met two new cats too!

And… James went to his very first car dealership!  Joe and I drove our Chrysler Pacifica for the trip.  We’ve had the car for about 3 years and have had nothing but problems with it! Too many to list here… and lately we’ve been especially tired of fixing it. Joe has wanted to get rid of it for awhile (he is the one who has to fix it all the time!) but I was a bit attached to it, even with it’s problems, but once the baby came I decided it was time to let it go.  It’s just not a safe and reliable car for us with a baby and since we’ve gone to only one car…we really need something safe, reliable, nice to drive etc. So, that led to our trip to Toyota!

Joe has been researching cars for quite some time now and decided he really wanted us to get an FJ Cruiser.  There are several of them driving around up here that we always notice, but there is no Toyota here so we had to wait until we traveled somewhere to check one out.  We didn’t have time in Minnesota but Saturday when we got to Wisconsin Joe ran out to the local Toyota dealer to see if he could check one out.  We weren’t expecting to buy one so suddenly but it was the end of the year, plus they had a brand new 2012 model still on the lot so Joe negotiated and got the price down a bit and yesterday we bought it!

I haven’t gotten a picture of the car yet, I will share when I do, but we got a brand new black and white FJ Cruiser.  It’s model year 2012 but it was still on the lot and was brand new with only about 100 miles on it.  The FJ Cruiser isn’t as popular in the cities but up here it’s perfect for us with all of the snow we get, so it just happened that this car didn’t sell and we found it and wanted to buy it.  Joe got us a good deal on it since the 2014 models are coming out now and not many people are going to come in looking for a 2 year old, brand new model… they will be looking for 2013 or 2014 models.  I will make a post about the car once I get pictures of it.  We were in a hurry Monday morning since we had to make it back to pick up Cora so I had the chance to get in it and check it out but I haven’t actually driven it yet! 🙂 The baby and I left earlier than Joe who stayed to finish up paperwork and then followed behind us in the new car.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I will get to take a drive with it and then I will have to learn all about how to use real 4 wheel drive and all of the accessories etc. Should be interesting!


Above: sampling a rattle and practicing grabbing.  Below: comparing feet with mama!


Today was a recover day for us, we did laundry and cleaning and James and I organized all his clothes and some of my clothes.  He was especially clingy today and was not pleased the few times I set him down to do something…he just cried and cried until I got him again and then he was all smiles and happy for me.  Those baby smiles are addicting!  We played lots today too and I think he learned something new… he can’t quite reach out and grab toys purposefully yet but I put a rattle in his hands and he held onto it and put it up to his mouth to taste it. His thumb has been making it into his mouth more successfully, his neck is getting stronger and his hair is growing like crazy! He is practically not a newborn any longer… tomorrow on New Year’s Day he will be 7 weeks old already!

IMG_0034James clearly has a clothing problem! We fixed it now though with the help of a sharpie and some plastic totes that I recycled from the basement. We now have 3 totes of clothing, 1 tote of spare blankets and then I cleaned out my closet too and finally put away all of my maternity clothing! (I wasn’t wearing them but I was too lazy/busy to put them out of the way for now).  The clothing is tamed for now!


Tonight Joe and I are having snacks for supper, canoli for dessert and champagne for new years! Hopefully we make it up that late…

Happy New Years!



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