Our Trip to the Post Office

We didn’t have plans to go to the post office today but when we woke up we found someone had purchased something from us on eBay and specifically asked if we could mail as soon as possible so they could get it by Christmas.  So we finished our morning chores, got dressed, packaged up our box and walked down to the post office.  James slept the whole way and we made it fine, except when we got there we realized it was lunch time and they were closed. Bummer!  A lady said they would be back at quarter to, which was only 15 minutes, so we waited.  After 10 minutes of waiting we saw the sign that said 1:15 and I realized she must have said quarter after…30 more minutes! So I stood there for a minute trying to decide what to do… should I go home and not send the mail? Wait 30 minutes in an entryway with a sleeping baby in a carrier? Go home and come back? Ugh… me and my bad timing!


So, in the end, we walked ourselves back home, but then I didn’t want to unbundle us only to bundle us back up, and I debated trying to do a carrier mail pick-up but I doubt our carrier would actually come pick it up… so we walked home, stayed bundled, took Cora for a nice walk, then walked back to the post office to mail our package! Unfortunately for us James woke up on the way back to the post office and I just barely managed to keep him from crying while we mailed our package and then he lost it on the way up the hill back to the house.  He did so good though for two trips to the post office!




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