Winter Wonderland

Just some pictures of our snow for today! It’s just another normal day around here… Joe is at work, James and I are hanging out here at home doing chores, and a few Christmas things, hopefully a nap here in an hour or so…






This past weekend, on Saturday, James went to his first Christmas party and all of my coworkers got to hold him and love on him and he was a fantastic boy letting everybody snuggle him etc. without crying or getting mad! He definitely likes to be held and snuggled though so he was probably pretty happy… plus he stayed up well past his bedtime (which sorta screwed his schedule up but oh well!). Joe made super tasty homemade cream puffs for the party, I didn’t get a photo like I should have, but they were gone very quick! Everybody loved them!

Sunday we all slept in and James came into bed with us for awhile in the morning while Joe was on his computer and I was snoozing.  We just had to go up to size 2 diapers but we still had a few 1’s left so Sunday morning I put him in a size 1 diaper before he came to bed with us…and of course, he made it for a couple of hours napping and eating and then about 30 seconds before we were about to get up he peed and leaked all over our bed.  Good thing I changed the sheets Saturday and then had to change them back Sunday! I skipped the last few size 1 diapers now and just stuck to size 2.  Our next baby can use the last few size 1’s!  Sunday also included a lot of plowing for Joe (see snow pictures above… yuck) and then he made us venison tartare, bread and salad with homemade vinaigrette for supper.  I did not taste my tartare but Joe and Cora really liked it… it was just so raw and squishy for me. But the bread and the salad with dressing were super tasty! I put my salad on top of my bread and ate it all together.  Mmm.  While Joe was outside plowing I also tried some Christmas crafts with James… he was not happy with me and we had to call it quits with absolutely no successful crafting done! The only thing we did get done was get James a bath to wash paint off his hand and foot!


Trying to paint James’ foot and hand to make a Christmas ornament…total fail.  Next we tried making salt dough and pressing his hand and foot into it to make ornaments that way… second fail and second mess for me to clean up and a pissed off baby to comfort.  Not sure what I will do now but I will figure something out!


Venison tartare with arugula salad and homemade vinaigrette and toasted bread with olive oil on top. Mmm.


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