Happy 1 month!

It’s a good day to be one month old today! We have gone through a few outfits (he needs to be in size 2 diapers already but we are finishing up size 1’s and are having a lot of leaks in the process!), played with some toys, checked out Christmas decorations, he helped me fold laundry and hung out in the kitchen with me for a bit, he ate a lot, took a few catnaps in my lap because he really doesn’t like to nap in his crib during the day, although he did spend some time in his crib while we were waiting for a guy to come give me a price quote on plowing for us.  Luckily, the guy said 3pm and then never showed up or called and after 40 minutes of waiting I let the dog out of the bathroom and got the baby up again because he was awake and pissed that I had laid him down.  Pretty annoying! I will have to call some other options next week because, unless I totally misunderstood him, we figure he isn’t the one for us after that!




I could not get the baby to look at me! All he wanted to do was look around the room and then look up at the Christmas decorations, or anywhere but me! Oh well!  That shirt made it about 45 minutes before we had a diaper leak and changed.


The view out the kitchen window.  It was actually a beautiful day, although still very cold, and I kept forgetting to take my camera outside with me when I went…and I wasn’t going to go just for pictures.. you can see the snow!


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