Two Centuries Meet

James and I went to visit my friend Eleanor for the first time today!  James will be 1 month old tomorrow and Eleanor turned 93 this past August! Almost 100 years apart and from two different centuries! Pretty neat…Eleanor loved him and I think James enjoyed being held by her and visiting her house too! While at her house he went through one outfit change, two diapers, and one bottle of milk.. but he was awake most of the time and looking around and happily grunting away!


When I first took him out of his carrier I realized he was a bit damp, so I changed his diaper and his outfit an all the while Eleanor was saying how small and tiny and cute he was.  Then, I handed him to her and she realized he isn’t that small! These first two photos are her laughing at how heavy he was!


WP_001453Once she got him settled she was so happy to talk to him and hold him! She said she hasn’t been around a little baby in a long time! Her youngest grandchild is 12 years older than I am and her great-grandchildren are roughly 16, 13, and 10..somewhere around those ages, so none of them have been babies in a long time either!

We stayed for 2-3 hours and had some coffee (with creamer dated use by 9/2/13…but I’m still here!) and a muffin while James had his milk and we chatted and visited and had a good time! Next week, assuming our car cooperates (Never buy a Chrysler!), we might try going out shopping together…all 3 of us, should be interesting! 🙂

In other news… yesterday James had his very first bottle! I don’t plan to use them often but we figured occasionally one might be necessary so we thawed some milk out for him (he is still only going to be getting breast milk regardless of how he gets it) and Joe fed him his bedtime snack while reading an electronics book to him… he is going to be a very smart baby! So today was his second bottle, I took one with me shopping just in case he needed to eat while we were out… it’s a bit easier to pump and give him a bottle over trying to find a place to feed him in public, although I am sure Eleanor would not have minded me feeding him at her house!

We are in the middle of winter here already it seems like…so far we have had about 43 inches of snow and apparently there is about 34 inches on the ground at the moment.  It’s a lot. I should take pictures but it might depress everybody! It certainly depresses us! In fact, we are looking into getting somebody to plow for us.  Joe has spent hours and hours plowing this week and he misses time with James, and supper is late, and he has no relax time at night.  The other night he was going to plow and then go grocery shopping for us and it was so late when he finished plowing (After a 12 hour workday) that he had to get up early the next morning to go grocery shopping and then go to work! Yuck.  Plus, our snowthrower just broke (again) and at this point, if we can afford it… I think we will have a plow truck come and dig us out regularly and save us all the hassle!

It’s also been bitter cold.  Today when James went outside he wore fleecy jammies and then a wooly snowsuit on top with his hood up, and then since I do not have tiny baby mittens, I put socks on his hands to keep them covered…and then he also had a blanket that covered his lap in the car, and the top of the carseat when we were going in and out of buildings.  It’s so cold I kind of wish somebody would carry me in and out under a blanket too!

Otherwise we are just having normal days here and slowly getting ready for Christmas, even though it’s coming up so quickly! I don’t think we will manage to get a tree this year but at least our presents have started arriving in the mail so I can wrap those and get them ready to go!


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