James Sees Santa

We have been having tons of snow around here the past few days!  Joe has been plowing and plowing and the snow just keeps coming and coming.  At the moment, today, it’s actually sunny out and calm but there is more snow expected tonight and tomorrow so it’s just a calm moment before the storm again.

WP_001434Getting all dressed up to go and  trying not to get dirty!

Saturday Joe and I went up to Calumet to check out a bookstore and get some groceries and on our way home it was so snowy we had to stop and Joe had to scrape ice off the windows a second time and he could barely see in front of the car.  It wasn’t fun!  Luckily Sunday was a bit better and we were able to make a trip into Houghton for James to see Santa Claus!  He was very well behaved and didn’t spit up or have a diaper leak or cry or anything! And we got free pictures of him with Santa! Now someday he will know we didn’t forget to take him, and if he screams the next few years about going then at least I will have these photos to remember 🙂

WP_001438James did manage to pull out some of Santa’s beard hairs somehow… poor Santa!

Today James and I made homemade pretzels and now he is fast asleep in my lap so if I am lucky I will be able to transfer him to his crib and then get some chores and other stuff done around the house while he sleeps!  Thankfully Joe should not need to plow tonight, but we do have to go grocery shopping… if James is all set to go when Joe is ready then he and I will go too, otherwise just Joe will go shopping and then we will help put groceries away when he gets home.


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