180 degrees from last year

This year winter just hit us early and so far, pretty hard!  It’s not actually that early really, it’s probably right on time, but the past few years it has been so warm and not much snow until January that all of this snow all of a sudden now is kind of a bummer.  Especially for Joe who is outside plowing again tonight (he came home early from work to do it because it takes like 3 hours)… last night he barely got to see us and when he did James didn’t want to go to bed and spent awhile awake but fussy and crying so it wasn’t even great quality time anyways.  Bath and bedtime for James is roughly 8pm and none of us got to sleep until around midnight.

WP_001424It’s been off and on all day (more on than off) and swirling and drifting and you can’t even tell Joe worked so hard last night.  Huge bummer!


This guy had some fun playing on his tummy mat today .. he was intent on gazing at the toys hanging from his other play mat.  This outfit lasted about 10 minutes and was number 2 of 3 that he’s been in today.  The current one (he is napping) has been on for several hours! 🙂



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