First, my one-handed typing skills are getting a lot of use lately because there is often a baby in my arms… it definitely takes more effort! Especially in the evenings, now that James is slightly more predictable, he seems to prefer sleeping in my arms over his crib between like 4 and 6 or 7 or so.  He is tired and needs a nap then but if I lay him down he wakes up mad… so we just snuggle on the couch and I type one-handed!


We had a good Thanksgiving with Joe’s family up visiting… we had a lot of good food and learned the hard way that we need to put James down for naps before he is over tired!

WP_001406Supper included turkey, sweet potatoes, wild rice stuffing, bread/veggie stuffing, homemade gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pistachio fluff salad, cranberry sauce, wine and two kinds of pie with whipped cream for dessert! Yum! Joe and I are still eating leftovers today!

WP_001410Since everybody is gone and we are getting into a new normal sort of routine, I’ve been finding things to do around the house here… yesterday I baked dog cookies…


And Monday I got out Christmas decorations…


Today Joe came home to have lunch with us and now this evening he is outside plowing because we have gotten so much snow in the past few days.  It is really the last thing he wants to do when he gets home at night!  I am entertaining the baby (who doesn’t want to be put down right now) and putzing around one armed doing things until Joe is finished.  If he is in by 8 he will give James his bath like normal and if he isn’t then I will do it for the first time by myself (bathtime is baby and daddy time around here) just so James goes to bed on time and Joe can have a bit of relax time when he comes inside before we have to go to bed too.  I’ll probably heat up some more leftovers for us to finish those up and I’m going to bake some beer bread too… I got it ready to go earlier in anticipation of can’t-put-baby-down time and I just need to heat the oven and put it in which I can do with one arm!



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