Baby James

I’ve been meaning to post about the baby but we have been busy and I haven’t had a chance! Around 39 weeks we had an ultrasound because the baby was measuring big and discovered his estimated weight was already at 9 pounds 12 oz.  so the following week when I went to the doctor the doctor suggest we try inducing him a couple of days early rather than waiting for labor to begin on it’s own, or worse, let him go a week overdue and get even larger!


One last walk as a family of 2 people with Cora.  We went to a nice trail spot and found this observation tower that we’ve been wanting to find for a couple of years but never actually did.  Cora had a good time and we all got some exercise although we didn’t go too far just incase anything happened to me!

IMG_00000156_hdr I was definitely looking a bit large and we were pretty much ready to go… I was finished with work and starting to be ready to meet him!

So on Wednesday November 13 Joe and I headed to the hospital at 8am and checked me in and around 9:20 the doctor started to induce labor with cytotec.  Joe had a work meeting that morning and nothing was going to happen for awhile so he left until around 2pm to go to his meeting and then run home and walk the dog etc. just incase she had to be alone for awhile.  The doctor wasn’t even sure labor would happen at all, and I was expecting to go home for the evening., they even let me order lunch when I was starving because nothing much was going on.  By 2pm things were picking up a little bit and they let me walk for awhile by myself and with Joe and then at one point they were monitoring me and the baby was crushing his cord so I had to lay in bed and get IV fluids for a couple of hours and they also used that time to give me a dose of antibiotics.

IMG_00000157_hdrHere we are about to leave for the hospital.  Clearly he was perfectly done cooking. I was getting pretty huge!  I tried to get Cora to stand with me but she kept twirling and wanting to get petted!  I even dried my hair for the special occasion.  It made it down until my contractions picked up and then I was over it and my baby saw my hair as some sort of pulled up disaster for the first time.  Good thing their eyes can’t focus right away!

Shortly there after, I was up and allowed to walk again but having some good contractions so the nurses had Joe fill out birth certificate information and they were in the process of moving rooms for us so I could try out their water hot tub thing to help with pain… and then suddenly at 4:30 out of the blue I was standing near Joe and my water broke making a huge mess for the nurses.  Which was an extra bummer since they were in the mist of moving our rooms and had to clean up extra! None of us were expecting that at all and with that my fate was sealed and I had no choice but to stay at the hospital for the duration.

WP_001363Joe sitting in the hospital room waiting for the doctor to come start inducing.  I was actually registering contractions and would have gone into labor in the next couple of days, but I couldn’t really feel them yet.

I can’t remember much for the next couple of hours but I think they gave me more IV fluids and I was in bed for most of it.  I do remember starting to get pretty miserable by 5:30-6 and they were calling the doctor who had to run home and then she was going to be back.  By 6 for sure I was counting down the minutes for her to come and the nurses got me into the tub to see if that would help… it did not help.  Joe was there with me trying to be supportive and helpful and do whatever he could, but there wasn’t much to do… I was unhappy for sure! Around 6:45 or so maybe the nurse got the OK to give me a shot of Demerol which I happily accepted and around 7 or so the doctor came to give me a shot in my spine.  Not an epidural, just a pain shot, it lasted about an hour and a half or so and it was absolutely wonderful… unfortunately it didn’t last until the end but at least the temporary relief was good!  Possibly the best hour and a half ever. At 7pm I was about 4cm and after my two shots I was much happier and we all thought there was a very long time to go so Joe headed home to feed animals, walk the dog and then he stopped at the grocery store to find cream puffs which I said sounded good after I had my shots and I was feeling great! Somehow because I was so relaxed by roughly 9pm I was ready to go and texting Joe to come back right now and the nurses were calling the doctor to come too… and at 10:05pm our little baby boy was born!


Baby and daddy shortly after he was born and below is his first picture from Joe right after he was born with me and Joe.


Baby James Norman T. came to us weighing in at a healthy 9lb 11.5oz, 23 inches long and a 14.5 inch head.  And as adorable as can be!  He didn’t cry much and was a perfect sleepy, snuggly baby for us right away.  The nurses cleaned us all up and shifted us to yet another room, just incase another woman came in needing to labor in the tub, and the three of us settled in for the night as a new family of 3.  Nurses checked on both my vitals and the baby’s vitals regularly and Joe and I enjoyed some time together before he went home around maybe 3am or so… something like that.  I can’t remember exactly when he left, but the baby was passed out and I was exhausted so he headed home to walk Cora again and get a few hours of sleep here keeping her company.  He was back by 7am the following morning.  The doctor came to check on us and we had some breakfast and hung out with the baby all day.  We ended up staying from Wednesday morning until Friday around lunch time so Joe had to come home and walk the dog, feed animals, do some laundry etc. several times during our stay but he spent almost all of his time with us in the hospital… even sitting with the baby for two hours in the waiting room our second night so I could sleep a bit!  We had wonderful, wonderful nurses and doctor and everybody was so kind and helpful but by Friday we were for sure ready to head home! So they did all the baby’s tests and shots and birth certificate info etc. and we were finally released to come home!


Two photos from his first day with us.  He was a sleepy, snuggly baby who didn’t want to wake up much or eat much or do too much of anything!


Since then we’ve been visiting with family, adjusting with the animals and getting used to being a family of 3! Cora seems to be doing well and the cats adjusted with no trouble.  Now all we have to do is adjust ourselves to this little guy and all his needs (and laundry!). And enjoy our time together before he gets too big and leaves us!

WP_001373Day 3, here at home wide awake and checking out the stars on his pack and play.


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