November Sunday

This weekend was my last weekend of work and this coming week is my last week of work before our baby comes.  He isn’t due for two weeks yet but I did take a week off before he is expected just to do stuff around here or relax or whatever!   So yesterday I was at work all day and Joe was here at home with the dog doing more work on our walls!  He got a bunch more of the plaster off and now we just have to take some more lathe off and then figure out what to do with the T.V. while we work on the wall where it’s currently hanging!


Last night after work Joe and I had homemade pizza (made by Joe) for supper while we watched some T.V. and then watched a scary movie before going to bed pretty late!  This morning Joe was up bright and early to work on some french bread that we had for supper tonight.  I slept in very late, even with the time change, and then watched part of the Abu Dhabi Formula One race with Joe before falling asleep for a couple more hours on the couch!

By noon I was awake again and sat upstairs with Joe while he put together our changing table and then once he was finished I was able to put the rest of the baby things away and at least semi-organized.  I’m sure things will change once he comes home and we find better places to put things! For now though his room is all finished and ready for him to come see it.


In one corner of the room he has his laundry basket, changing table and diaper pale.  His sleep sack jammies are all set to go up top too.  The top drawer is full of diapers and wipes etc.  The middle drawer is full of his clothes (overflowing is more like it!) and the bottom drawer is full of towels, burp clothes and bibs.  We might have to find a different solution for his diapers if his clothes begin to grow out of the middle drawer but for now while he is small it will work fine.  He has a little rocker chair near the laundry basket too but it isn’t in the photo.


Next to his dresser he has a little play area with some books and an owl tummy mat and some toys in the basket.  He also has a big alphabet picture coming that I’d like to hang on the wall there as well but we don’t have that quite yet!


Opposite his changing table he has his crib with his cozy flannel sheet on and a couple of blankets all ready to go, although he’ll be in his sleep sack and warm clothes so I don’t know that we’ll use blankets right away anyways… but they look cute for now and I put one of his Boppy pillows on the side of the crib for now too until we need it.  Another Boppy pillow is downstairs in the living room with his pack and play so we don’t have to carry them back and forth!  He also gets his own fan for noise 🙂


And in the last corner is his rocking chair and another dresser.  This dresser is full of extra sheets and blankets and on top is his lamp, a music box, a toy car and his monitor.  His diaper bag is pretty much ready to go with diapers and supplies and some clothes etc.  And then in the very corner there are a couple of totes of extra clothes plus a humidifier if we need it and a couple of books about babies.  That stuff could go somewhere else but for now it’s just going to stay in the corner!

I spent the afternoon cleaning out our closet upstairs… I got rid of almost two boxes of Good Will stuff plus 3 bags of trash mostly in the form of old clothes that weren’t nice enough to donate and I am way too lazy to salvage for rags or quilt fabric right now.  We both had a lot clothes that we haven’t worn in years and years and they were ready to go!  I think we could get rid of twice as many too but that will take Joe going through a few of his own things because I wasn’t sure about them and then I’ll go through my own clothes in a couple of months when I try to figure out what fits and what doesn’t and go from there!   Our closet tends to be a catch-all room for anything I don’t know what to do with too so I cleaned up a lot of that stuff and with a lot of junk gone it looks a lot better!

Joe spent his afternoon baking bread for our supper and prepping/packaging a couple of other things for future meals for us.  French bread is very time consuming but it turned out super tasty 🙂 He also went to Tractor Supply with me, and to the bank and we also took two tubs full of plaster to get rid of those as well.  Once we got home I fed some chickens and he cooked us up a good supper.  Now we’re watching a couple shows on T.V. while our laundry finishes and I add a few listings to Ebay and then we’ll probably head off to bed!  I meant to get photos of supper off Joe’s phone but it’s taking awhile so stay tuned I’ll post another post this week of more recent tasty food he has made for us!


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