Productive Day

I have a nice 3-day weekend this weekend so I’m taking my opportunity to clean and scrub and organize what I can before the baby comes in about 3 weeks.   I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning but they called me about 45 minutes before my appointment and asked to reschedule for Monday since the doctor was at the hospital delivering another baby.  So instead of spending a couple of hours at the doctor (it tends to be pretty slow!) I had extra time to clean and do stuff here around the house.

Cora made sure to keep me company all day and Ocean was constantly around too. She was actually more annoying than the dog because she yowled, and yowled all day and I kept having to move her off my computer or if I put her on the window ledge or upstairs she would run back downstairs yowling and rile up the dog.  I think she just wanted a cozy spot near me to curl up but I was moving stuff around and making noise and she was upset about that.  Even as I type she is sitting behind me on the couch and the dog is in the recliner gazing at her but at least nobody is yowling!
So today with my wide open day I accomplished a ton… probably had a busier day than I’ve had in awhile even though I slept in until after 8 and woke up to Cora kissing me and squeaking a dog toy on the bed.  The same dog toy that I rolled over onto in the middle of the night and squeaked very loudly and then I dumped it onto the floor and managed to step on it both times I got up to go to the bathroom…. that squeaky toy might have to be banished from the bedroom!  She had her pig upstairs too and I think Joe might have stepped on that on his way out of the room this morning…. our room is like a mine field!

Anyways today I managed to

  • scrub the seats in the car (although it only sort of worked and I made a couple more water spots in the process)
  • vacuum/wipe down the car
  • get gas in the car for Joe who has to travel to a wedding tomorrow
  • Make a trip to the dump
  • Take two big boxes and a lamp to Goodwill
  • Several loads of laundry
  • Vacuum or sweep all of our floors and mop the bathroom, kitchen and sunroom
  • Clean out the sunroom and make the bed cozy again so we can read or nap in there and Cora has a nice spot to sit

WP_001301The bed could use a few more pillows and blankets but at least it’s comfy again and not covered in books and furniture like it has been all summer!  Last weekend I helped Joe install plexiglass over the windows to try and stop Cora from running into (and knocking out) the single glass panes.   It was a much cheaper fix (about $100) than getting a new window ($1500) and you can hardly tell there is anything different.  We are debating adding some wooden bars over the bottom panes though because Cora will still bark at and run into the bottom and could still break the plexiglass.  It won’t look amazing but it will be safe and allow us to keep that room open instead of closing it all the time and then if we can’t replace the windows before we have a little boy running around he also won’t be able to push his way through the glass and fall or get hurt! I can definitely take a bit of ugly if everybody is safe and sound!

  • Organized the living room as best I could

WP_001299At least everything is clean now and swept and the couch is all attached in one piece.  There is a large gap behind the couch because we have two hot water heat pipes that are in the way of the couch going against the wall yet but the cable and lamp is back there and a couple of other things I shoved back there to get them out of the way.  It works for now!

  • Set up the pack and play (which was very complicated!)

WP_001298The baby’s downstairs nap and changing spot all set up.  It does have a newborn napping station that sits on top too but I think I might just try him in the bassinet part of the pack and play where he will be a little more protected and secure.  His blankets are all ready and the changing station is stocked with diapers, burp rags, butt cream and wipes and all I have to do is get batteries to put in the music/noise maker thing that goes with it.  And yes, that is tinfoil all over…. I read that it’s a way to train cats not to jump into something!  No cat has even attempted to, or shown any interest, in going into this thing all day (not even Ocean who helped me set it up) but I put some tinfoil in there anyways just to deter them if they do decide to try.  I’d rather the cats stayed away from the baby at first, especially while he can’t roll over and move around on his own… just incase!

  • Did a bit of organizing in the nursery and mostly installed a baby gate on the door although Joe has to finish a little part for me because I don’t know what to do with it!

WP_001300I put a gate on the nursery door just so we can leave the door open a bit but no animals can get in without me (or Joe) knowing it.  Chloe has been enjoying sleeping under the crib and in the rocker and that isn’t so bad but she is shedding and I don’t want my butt to be covered in cat hair every time I sit down! Plus if we want to be in the room without the animals we can be and especially with Cora, she can sit just outside and still feel included but not be directly in the room if we don’t want her to be! I got most of it up but there is a latch at the top and I don’t know what to do with that so Joe has to take a look at that for me sometime.  For now the animals don’t know they can push right through it 🙂

  • Stopped by the vet to fix up Cora’s allergy shots (she has to go back a step because the most recent shots are making her itchy)
  • Dishes/Animal cages/Chickens etc.
  • Added a few things to Craigslist/Ebay and if I can’t get rid of them soon most of that will go off to Goodwill too

Now I’m blogging and checking things online and relaxing (nap was on my list today but I didn’t actually take one which is very unusual!) and Joe is in the kitchen making chorizo sausage.  Joe had to work all day and he was hoping to get home a little early but he didn’t even get a chance to do that!  He did take a quick walk around the pole barn with Cora and I when he got home and he helped me put the couch together.  There is a latch to hold the sections together and normally I can get them attached but it was giving me so much trouble today.  I tried and tried 3 separate times today and just couldn’t get it so he fixed it up for me when he came home so now our couch is in one piece! Our living room does look a bit goofy… but the couch is in one piece!

WP_001302Joe beginning his chorizo sausage after he got home from work and went for a walk with us and fixed the couch for me!

WP_001304I mentioned Cora was in the recliner gazing at the cat earlier but since I’ve been blogging she has moved to the couch and fallen asleep over a pillow and Ocean is sitting next to my head all cozy on a blanket (thankfully quiet and not yowling!) which is what I think she wanted all day and I wouldn’t give to her.  You can see our two problem pipes behind Ocean and our dining room table piled with things that are either going on Craigslist, Ebay or to Goodwill at some point just to get them out of the house!

WP_001305Finished sausage! They are now in the basement curing and Joe is keeping an eye on them to make sure no spiders touch them because we couldn’t figure out where else in the house they might be safe.  We can’t hang them in the pantry or on one of the porches because it is too cold out now for them and we obviously can’t just hang them somewhere where the dog can get them! She is allergic to pork and I’m sure given enough time she would figure out a way to get at them if she could! So the basement it is… they looked and smelled good while Joe was making them so they should be tasty!


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