Food that Joe has made us!

I haven’t been good about blogging or taking many photos lately but Joe has been experimenting with his new phone and has captured many of the meals he has made us.  For the past several months he has been the one doing 99% of the cooking for us and when I do any cooking it’s easy like soup… I can’t remember the last time I cooked a full home-cooked meal!  I’ve been very spoiled!  Here are some of our more favourite recent meals but not by any means all of them…sometimes we just forget to get pictures!


I think I shared this one already but it was baked orange roughy fish with couscous and asparagus with a poached egg on top.  We had never had orange roughy before but it was really good!


This was habanero shrimp over something called Devil’s rice along with black bean espuma on the side… the beans were kind of a fluff and they were super tasty on the shrimp!


This was a sort of steak pizza…there was steak underneath and then homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella on top with an arugula salad on the side


One of our desserts (sometimes we just get cream puffs from the grocery store or have chocolate milk but this one was homemade!) Joe made chocolate nut ice cream and we had it along with little crouton things made from his homemade fig/pear bread and then there was some balsamic reduction and a spicy whipped cream on top.  The ice cream was super tasty but we did not end up liking the whipped cream!


I believe this was last weekend (not yesterday but the one before), I slept in pretty late because I was so sleepy and I don’t sleep well anymore so Joe got up and took Cora out and fed everybody and then I woke up smelling breakfast and made it downstairs just as he was finishing!  It was homemade southwest-style hashbrowns and some of our own fresh eggs on top!


This was an easy supper after a day of work and then we went grocery shopping together afterwards.  A nice steak salad on mixed greens with a bunch of csa veggies on top and homemade dressing.


This one was one of my favourites! Who knew crawfish were tasty? Although I did not eat the guts or heads… but the tails were tasty and the bits I could get out of the legs! Joe made a Cajun-style crawfish boil with crawfish, corn on the cob and red potatoes and then because we had asparagus that was going bad we also had some steamed asparagus on the side so we didn’t waste it!


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