Very Behind Update Post

I’ve been so terrible lately about updating! the last week or two I’ve been meaning to and I’ve been stocking up photos but somehow I never sit down to actual blog much anymore.

Almost two weeks ago now Joe and I went out of town for a long weekend for two baby showers.  We left here on Friday morning and drove to Maple Grove, Minnesota to see Joe’s family…  our shower there was 5pm on Saturday night and we spent the early part of the day going to gymnastics and places with Joe’s brother Sam and then hanging out and visiting and we even took a little nap.  After our shower Saturday night some of Joe’s friends came over to visit (they couldn’t make it to the shower) so we had a late, late night and then got up early Sunday to drive to Appleton, Wisconsin where my family lives because we had our second shower at 4pm on Sunday!  We did get another brief nap (we were very tired!) before our second shower and Joe and my dad got to go on a few errands to some gun stores as well.  We were very spoiled at both of our showers and got tons, a whole car full, of wonderful gifts and baby supplies from all of our friends and family.  I should have taken a photo of everything in the car… it was very full!  Monday morning then my dad had to work early so Joe and I had breakfast with my mom and then headed back to the U.P. where we had to stop at home to unload the car before we went to pick up Cora from the kennel.


Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks…


Homemade pizzas that Joe made for us… homemade crust and sauce both with fresh mozzarella and I believe CSA basil!


I try to keep my computer closed because Ocean likes to rip keys off the keyboard but I left it open this time and found her sprawled across it.  She did not rip any keys off thankfully!


This stir fry didn’t photography well but it was super tasty! It was mostly CSA beans (they were purple and green striped when they were raw) and some pork and lots of ginger and seasonings… it was very tasty, one of my favourites lately!


These are from one of our recent walks.  Our swimming hole is shallow now, in the spring the water is over flowing and rushes pretty fast.  Even with the shallow calmness Joe had to convince Cora it was safe to go into the little deeper section right in front of that rock.  I think she finally went in once but otherwise she preferred to wade in the shallower spots.


Such a good dog!


Joe was throwing rocks into this section for her and she kept dunking her face in to try and grab them and then getting surprised when water got in her ears.


Trying to get her courage up to jump in!


On the other side of the deep spot… I’m pretty sure she found a way around so she didn’t have to jump in.


Our most recent CSA share included: radish, cucumber, tomato, apples, rutabaga and herbs.  The beans were a bonus and not actually part of our share…we just got a couple to try because they had some there they were selling for their neighbors.  Poor Joe has had to pick up almost every single one of our shares this year because I seem to work a lot of Saturdays.  I think I have made it to two pickups… maybe just one even and then another I had them drop off our share to my work because Joe was out of town… it was super nice of them to do that for me too!


This is supper from just a couple of nights ago.  Orange roughy, couscous and steamed asparagus with a poached egg on top. Yum! We have never had orange roughy before I don’t think but it was really tasty!  Joe cooked it up perfectly and I could have eaten couscous all night! The asparagus was tasty too and the eggs were freshly laid that day just for us! 🙂


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