Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday to Joe today, and Happy Birthday to Joe’s mom from yesterday!


Joe is actually out of town today… he left yesterday morning and flew to Detroit for a two day work trip.  He will be back tonight around 11:30pm… just in time for some cheese cake and a couple of presents and then bed because he will have to get up for work tomorrow morning still!  Of course the birthday that Joe is gone, I’m off the entire day too!  I was awake early this morning with plans to take my friend Eleanor out but then she called and decided she didn’t want to go out early because she was going out for lunch and didn’t want to rush or be tired.  I was very tempted to go back to bed but I got up and dressed instead and fed everybody, started laundry, vacuumed etc… and then went off on my own errands mid-morning.  I hit up the bank and post office, took a couple bags of trash to the dump, went to the consignment store to look for dressers (did not find any though), went to Wal-Mart where I bought supplies for cheesecake and the baby bought himself several things he needed still including a bathtub, a nose sucker, nail clippers, some safety supplies and some gas drops.  Next was Shopko where I was looking to see what they had in their baby section and the baby got another crib sheet and a little toy and finally Econo foods where I bought a bunch of Bob’s Red Mill products, some big shrimp Joe requested and some salad for lunch.  I was supposed to keep going to the feed store and then up to Calumet to check out a thrift store there (also for dressers) but I started to fade so I called it good.  I can go to those places tomorrow!

I was tempted to take a nap when I got home but I didn’t… I unpacked everything, plugged up some outlets in the baby’s room, had some lunch and then made cheesecake.  I won’t finish it for a couple of hours (it’s chilling) but so far so good… I hope it turns out alright and Joe likes it!   I also got a call from a metal works place and had to deal with our fire ring.  Three weeks ago I ordered a fire ring for our backyard and the man said it would take about a week and they would call me when it was finished.  I waited about two and a half weeks to call them myself because I hadn’t heard anything yet… the first day I tried three times and nobody ever answered the phone, yesterday I tried and left a voice mail and today they called me back confused because they couldn’t find my order or any of our info so I had to give it to them all again and they told me it would be ready early next week.  A total bummer too because Joe wanted a fire this weekend and we can still have a fire, but it will take hauling extra water and being more careful with it.  I was almost tempted just to cancel the whole thing after that but we’ll see if we actually end up with a fire ring next week!  I would have called sooner had I thought they lost our order… I just assumed they forgot to call or something and it was probably done!  Oh well! It should be pretty nice once we actually get it.

After the fire ring phone call I spent some time trimming mats off Pinga (which she did not enjoy) and then I brushed her to get her ready for her vet appointment.  Just before I was leaving for the vet I checked my tracking information for a package that I was waiting for for Joe’s birthday.  It was out for delivery all day except when I checked it said the mail man had tried to deliver at 3:09 and no one was home…except I was home and even Cora didn’t hear anything.

So I got a hold of the post office and the man said I could come by 5 and get it if I wanted.  I had to take Pinga to the vet for 4:10 but afterwards we rushed to the post office and made it there just at 5 and the mail man running the counter was SO nice!  He was friendly and kind and had my package on the counter waiting for me just in case I made it. I told him it was for my husband’s birthday today and I totally apologized for being the lady who gets there right as they close…. and even then he was still so nice when I’m sure he just wanted to go home for the day!

When I looked at the shipping label on the package it said “Carrier Leave if No Response” … so I’m a little bit confused as to why the mail man did not leave the package by the door or even in the mail box.  We got no other mail today though, and with his record of not always showing up… I kind of think he didn’t even try to deliver and just wanted to get done earlier so he said he did and then I got stuck picking it up and rushing to get it.  I can’t prove it… but I don’t have good feelings about our mail man so I’m not sure he even tried to deliver my package.  Thankfully the man in the actual post office was absolutely wonderful and made my day! Joe could have waited until tomorrow but I’m so glad I could get it today!

Pinga’s vet appointment went wonderful too.  She is a whopping 16 pounds now though and has to go on a diet.  Unfortunately Chloe has been on a diet for a couple of years and is still weighing in around 20 pounds… so somehow my cat dieting doesn’t help.  I will try harder though, the last thing we need is two cats on insulin! Yuck!  Other than that she got a couple of shots, the vet said her mouth looked great although there is one tooth we need to watch and make sure it doesn’t get more inflamed and if it does it might need to come out.  They also trimmed one of her dew claws that overgrew.  I was afraid to touch it and I assumed they would have to do surgery or something but the technician got out the clippers and nipped it right off no trouble! I’m glad it was so easy and she didn’t even need antibiotics because it had only just started to rub her pad. Thank goodness!


Now tonight I am finishing chores, and finally updating my blog after being very overdue… I still have to finish the cheesecake in an hour when it is done cooling and then I’m going to try not to fall asleep before Joe’s plane comes in! I got pizza for supper (Pinga came with me to get it!) and we’ll have lots for tomorrow or if Joe is hungry when he gets home later. I was debating taking Cora out for a walk but I’m not sure about that anymore… I’m starting to wear out and she is napping on the floor anyways so a nice long walk might have to wait until the weekend.  We did take her on a nice long walk earlier this week and Joe has taken her on several lately just the two of them! I took her on a bunch of walks just she and I earlier in the summer but now I feel a bit better going when Joe is with us too.




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