CSA Share #4

Our cooler than normal summer weather is over now and the last few days it has been super hot! As in 90’s and very humid!  I worked all weekend so at least I was in air conditioning most of the time and we have ac in our bedroom too.  Joe had to go downstate (a long 10 hour drive) for a bachelor party for one of his friends… he went down Saturday and came home Sunday and got only a few hours of sleep inbetween.  Plus he didn’t have ac in the car so it was an extra hot and long trip for him! We were glad to have him home last night, and I’m pretty sure he was glad to have ac in our bedroom at least to sit in for awhile!

Saturday, since I worked, our CSA people were super kind and brought my share to work so I didn’t have to try and run and grab it last minute during my lunch.  They drive past my work anyways on their way home so it wasn’t too far out of their way, but it was still really nice of them to offer! Normally Joe has to pick it up when I work but since he was gone this weekend he couldn’t!


This week our share included:

  • Lettuce
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumbers
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Another herb but I’m not sure what it is yet 🙂
  • Kohlrabi

This is one of the nicest shares so far I think… it has tons of normal vegetables in it and not just greens! Even though it is already roasting hot today I think I might try to make and freeze some zucchini bread because I’m not sure that we will eat 4 large zucchini otherwise… maybe a couple of them we could stir-fry or something (Joe just bought a new wok I’ll have to show you when he tries it out!) but otherwise we have a lot of it so bread or muffins might be in order!  If I do it this morning maybe the house will cool off a bit before Joe gets home later!

I even debated buying more fans for the house yesterday so we could have some and the cats could have one upstairs and a new small one for the rabbit (he is so hot! and his fan from last year isn’t working right and doesn’t blow air) but everybody is all entirely sold out of fans.  This weekend was also the weekend all the Michigan Tech students came back up to school and all the freshmen moved in…. and as you can imagine, the dorms with several thousand people in them, can get very, very hot! So all the fans went very fast!  I should remind myself of this when they get more fans in stock and buy several when they go on clearance just to have, especially since next year we’ll have a baby who wants a fan or two as well!

Other than possible zucchini bread today I’m just hanging out here at home, doing chores and keeping cool.  I have some white paint to patch still and if I’m feeling ambitious this afternoon I’m going to try to trim everybody’s nails and give the dog a bath too since she is starting to smell a bit funny. 🙂 Joe had to go right back to work today of course, and hopefully he can work in his air conditioned office, otherwise if he has to go work in some of the other buildings he is without ac and he has to wear long pants and shoes and will be even more hot there than I will be here at home!  It might be an early night to go read in the air conditioning later!


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