Family Visit/27 Weeks/Living Room Remodel

It’s been a busy few days here for us! Thursday night my mom and dad came up to visit and then Friday afternoon Joe’s mom, dad and brother came to town to visit too! Friday was also our 27 week mark with roughly 3 months left to go before we meet baby T.  Friday Joe had to work so my mom, dad and I went on some errands, they hauled some stuff to the dump for us in their truck and helped put up new blinds in the baby’s room. Once Joe’s family got to town and Joe got home all 7 of us headed out to a local restaurant for supper and we ate and then hung out for awhile while Sam played at the attached arcade until it was time for all of us to head home and head to bed!  Both of our families brought us a bunch of baby stuff that we unloaded as they came as well!  Things like a crib, strollers, a dresser, lamp, a rocker, and decorations/quilts/books from both Joe and I when we were babies and from Sam when he was a baby as well.  We have a huge start on making a nice cozy room for our son!


Joe’s mom got some fun maternity pictures of Joe and I over the weekend!



Saturday everybody came over to our house where we visited for awhile and then split up for the afternoon with Joe’s family going to the hotel for some lunch and swimming time and my family and Joe and I went up to a gun show and to the grocery store quick and then I ended up at home by myself for awhile while Joe and my mom and dad went to town separately to do other errands to get us things we needed to have a Mexican supper and campfire.  We also had some outdoor games to play and then once it got dark we sat and visited until it was time for everybody to head back and go to sleep… Joe, Cora and I stayed outside for awhile on our own watched stars and satellites and the very bright, almost full moon while the fire died down.  It was our first campfire ever here!  Briefly once Joe and I used our burn barrel for a campfire but this was an actual campfire out behind our pole barn on the ground with camp chairs and nice smelling wood.  We have aims of getting a real fire ring soon too so it’s easier to have a fire…this time we had it just on the ground but Joe kept an eye on it and we made sure to douse it really well when we went inside for the night!


I have been very lucky so far to have very few problems being pregnant!  I’m not always comfortable and today I noticed I was starting to misjudge my size and the spaces I could fit through.  I forget that I look/am so large normally and then find myself wedged by my shopping cart or unable to squeeze past my coworkers in the pharmacy when normally I would have no problem.  It’s very strange!  I think the most unfortunate part (so far – because I have had very few issues!) about being pregnant is having two chins.  They are definitely not attractive and I hope they are the first to go in November! 🙂



Sunday was the day everybody had to head home again, it was a short but busy weekend and nice to see both of our families! Joe and I were pretty tired so we slept for part of the day and then Joe decided to see what our wall between the living and dining room looked like inside.  We’ve been casually mentioning getting rid of this wall for a long time now.  When we first moved we bought a gently used sectional couch from one of Joe’s coworkers but it was just slightly too large to put all together in our living room so for the past 4 and a half years we’ve had our couch separated into two pieces.  It works but it takes up a lot of space in our living room and the pillows slide off the end of one half of the couch because there is no end piece to keep them in place.


Taking the wall down would give us a huge living/dining space all open and it would allow us to put our couch together, and have more room for guests and little babies to play!  So Joe took part of the wall down and then we decided to keep going! We took all of the masonite board down (I thought it was plaster and was happily surprised when it was just masonite board covered in several layers of wrinkled/painted wall paper!) yesterday and then tonight Joe took down the rest of the wall framing.  We still need to figure out new placement for some electric outlets Joe had to move and how to move two hot water heating pipes that lead up to our bedrooms.  Then we have to patch the floor and drywall and match the trim/moulding (because of course the two rooms couldn’t match before!) and probably paint.  Someday we will need to re-drywall the whole dining room but that isn’t going to happen now!


Above: as of yesterday evening, the wall framing was still up.  Below: as of this evening, the wall framing is down but there are two hot water pipes still running between the floor and ceiling so we are unable to attach our couch all the way yet… once it is finished (and we take our big loom down) there will be a huge open space across the from of the room… the difference is amazing! No more bottle neck trying to get past the recliner into the living room and lots more open space for dogs and children… perfect! The fetch opportunities for Cora will be way bigger! I can’t wait until it is finished!




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