CSA Share #3/Our Trip to Freda/Recent Home Pictures

A big post today! I should have probably split it up into some smaller ones but I didn’t get around to (I took a nap instead) doing a post yesterday afternoon too so I’ll just put one big one up today!

Joe has made us some very good food lately… last week he made us homemade chicken and dumpling soup – complete with homemade chicken and made-from-scratch dumplings, homemade chicken pot pie, stuffed poblano peppers, vegetarian chilli, and steak and potatoes.


Ingredients for the chicken pot pie cooking on the stove.  He cut up and cooked a whole chicken and then split the meat into two, one for the soup and one for our pot pie the following night.


Finished pot pie…. it was very tasty and we were lucky to have some leftovers for lunch the following day!


Cora desperately hoping that the cutting board somehow falls off the counter and Joe doesn’t notice so she can eat all of our steak.  Joe marinated and grilled the steak and then the potatoes were spicy and grilled as well… the potatoes were my favourite and very good!



This weeks CSA share includes: head lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, beet greens with baby beets attached, kale, spring onions, edible flowers, snap peas, and some other kind of greens (the little bundle right up in front) that I don’t see on the list and I’m not sure what it is… so it’s a surprise/mystery green!

Yesterday afternoon we decided to drive to a little town called Freda right on the shore of Lake Superior and visit the beach and wander through the old stamp mill ruins.  Joe, Cora and I visited there last summer too and wandered along the beach.

The view down from the top of the cliff.  This side was really steep and creepy, although beautiful… the other side was much less steep and there are lots of cottages along it and some paths down to the beach!




Last year we went along the beach this way but it’s really rocky and slippery and I was having trouble finding a good path to walk so we turned around and went along the beach in the other direction where it is sandy/gravelly and easier to walk!


Cora loves chasing waves… she chased so many and drank so much water that she got herself sick.  She can’t just run after the wave…she needs to bite it too just incase it’s about to get her.

WP_001159 WP_001160


Lots of interesting driftwood and rocks along the shore this way!


Cora ignored most of the shoreline for the first half of our walk… preferring to go after every wave she could!



Eventually though she drank so much water that she started to not feel so hot and decided to walk on the beach with us instead of chasing into the water at every wave!


And at one point we found two different tennis balls washing up on shore just as we were walking past them.  We found them maybe 100ft away from each other but she ended up carrying one of the balls with her until she found the other one and then ran into a huge dilemma about which ball to keep carrying! She eventually picked one and carried it for awhile but we did end up leaving the balls back on the beach for whatever local dog forgot them there or maybe for another dog who would wander past.


In the end we were out there for about 2 hours and we walked a good long ways down the beach, plus a little ways on a trail and through the ruins as well.


On the way home the dog just passed right out! She climbed into the back seat and laid down and that was it! She spent the rest of the afternoon going to the bathroom just about every hour although we knew from experience that her wave chasing was going to make her need to go out so there was only one accident we missed and one moment where we were eating lunch and it must have come on her too quick to go out where she threw up a ton of lake water all over the dining room.  By supper time though she was back to feeling much better having gotten rid of most of her excess water and she was happy to eat supper and snooze the rest of the night!



Tonight I came home and did a few things like feed animals and wash eggs, and then I taped off the baby’s room and started to paint it.  Joe came home, made us a good supper, helped the neighbor get her 4-wheeler out of our yard and home and then after supper he helped me finish painting the first coat of paint upstairs and then helped me clean up the painting supplies, and started some laundry for us and took Cora out too and now we’re going to watch our show, Top Gear, and head to bed! Tomorrow is another early day for me, and a normal (always early) day for Joe and then at least one more coat of paint tomorrow night and I think Joe said the room will probably need 3 coats total so that means sometime on Wednesday I’ll try to do another coat.  Wednesday is our 3rd anniversary and we have his and hers dentist appointments at 8:15 in the morning, how romantic! 🙂


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