CSA Share #2/Recent Photos/Updates

This weekend was CSA Share #2 weekend for us (we only get a half-share so every other week).  I had to work so Joe had to pick it up by himself… everything is very green in it this time with nothing orange or purple or anything like that!


Our share includes:

  • Snow Peas
  • Braising Mix
  • Kale
  • Endive
  • Basil
  • Scallions
  • Parsley

I asked for homemade macaroni and cheese for supper so Joe is cooking that as I type and the basil will be going into it.

In other news and updates…here are some recent photos…


Last week it was so nice out on one of my days off that I decided to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a couple of folding chairs so I could sit outside on our front porch.  Our homemade adirondak chairs were out there but the heavy snow this past year crushed them and we had to get rid of them.  Cora also got a 40ft lead a month or two ago so she comes out and has free range of most of the front yard to play and/or watch cars and people pass by.  This day Joe came home too and ended up sitting outside with us for like an hour and playing with Cora.  It was a nice afternoon!



Joe had clients for a few days last week so I was on my own for supper those days, but otherwise he has been cooking for us (making meal plans and grocery lists and then I do the shopping) and taking care of supper.  We were originally going to have sushi this night but we didn’t get all the stuff for it so instead he made us an abbreviated version of a hot pot supper.  We thought having a boiling hot pan of water out where the dog could knock it over wasn’t the best idea, so he put some of the ingredients in our bowls and then poured boiling fish stock on top to cook the meat and make a sort of soup.  It was very good!



I shared my lunch with this seagull one day.  I’m sure other workers and customers probably got mad but they can’t stop me.  It was a nice bird just hanging out alone on a really windy day so I tossed a few things out my car window to him until I ran out of lunch.  🙂 He was nice company and very appreciative.


One of Joe’s client days last week I came home and decided to do some major cleaning.  It had been awhile since I had really cleaned the fridge… like scrubbed the shelves and everything, so I came home and took everything out and all the shelves and scrubbed the whole thing.  Then I was feeling ambitious so I organized our small freezer and our bigger chest freezer and made a list of all the meats/ingredients we have on hand so we know and can add to or cross off the list when we buy or use items.  We had a lot more food on hand than I had thought and a lot of older things that we won’t use (like frozen veggies that Joe won’t cook with) that I fed right to the chickens.


Another one of Joe’s meals… this past Saturday he made us homemade fried chicken (he cut up and brined the chicken by himself first on Friday), homemade roast potatoes and homemade buttermilk biscuits.  Everything was super tasty but the biscuits were my favourite.  I poured honey all over mine and had two for supper and have had another couple of the leftovers since!


This whole weekend was so cold and rainy.  We went from super hot to high temperatures in the low 50’s!  I had been wanting to take Cora out for a walk but it kept raining so last night when the rain stopped for awhile Joe suggested we go out for a walk.  We made it 3.5 miles and it didn’t rain on us…and it was actually very nice out, just cool enough for a jacket and no blinding sun.  Cora took advantage of every single puddle and got very muddy and drank a lot of gross water.




My friend Eleanor went with her daughter-in-law to Green Bay to visit her grand children and great grand children for a few days so today my day off was entirely my own!  I got up reasonably early (7:30) and fed everybody and then headed off to town to rent a rug cleaner.  Then I spent the morning cleaning the carpets in the baby’s room.  I hate our carpet upstairs but I don’t want to just replace this one room because then it will look odd with the hallway and other rooms all the same carpet… so I figured if I just cleaned this carpet really well we could make it work for him for awhile.  Cora inspected my work and approved I think. The carpets are all nice and clean and most of the stuff is out of the room.  Now I just need to paint and then we will have space for baby things!


This afternoon (around lunch time) I took the rug cleaner back and stopped at the building supply store to check prices on windows.  Unfortunately the windows I want (just to replace the windows in our sun room) come out to over $1000 for the windows alone… so we’ll have to figure out what we want to do about that!  At least I got price quotes though.  Then I came home, Cora passed out in the recliner and I watched Harry Potter and researched working part time vs. full time vs. staying home after the baby is born.  We still have some deciding to do on all of that!


Joe came home at his usual time this evening and he made us our homemade macaroni and cheese for supper! Made with sharp white cheddar, basil, and beef hot dogs (beef in case Cora needs a hot dog she isn’t allergic 🙂 ) Now we’re watching a few shows on T.V. and then heading to bed!


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