CSA Share #1

It’s time again for our CSA shares! This year they are a couple of weeks late due to really late warming temperatures/weather this year.  But finally it’s here and we get new produce every couple of weeks to try… which is especially nice this year since we did not plant a garden at all, not even a single tomato.  I meant to… and then all of a sudden it was July and I don’t know where the time went.  Maybe next year!


CSA Share #1 includes:

  • Kale
  • Sorrel
  • Braising mix (mixed greens to cook)
  • Kohlrabi
  • Beets
  • Head Lettuce
  • Spring Onions
  • Hakurei (a Japanese turnip but apparently with a more mild taste like a radish I guess)

Hakurei is the only new produce to us and it will be interesting to try.  The braising mix also contains dandelion greens, which Joe and I have had before, but I’m not sure we’ve had from our CSA before.  I’m mostly excited about the beets and onions and the lettuce.  Kale is alright, especially when Joe cooks it, and braising mix as well.  I don’t always like beets exactly, but they are so pretty and red… I like the idea of beets and will usually eat them anyways 🙂  Kohlrabi I haven’t liked yet but we always try to make something edible with it… I think I’m the one who has always cooked it though and now that Joe is mostly cooking for us maybe he can find something way better to do with it!  Either way, a good start to the season with a bunch of fresh produce!

… On other notes… it has been super, super hot and sticky here! I’ve been through 4 different outfits today (if you include the one I put on right when I got up to do cleaning) and we took a nap in the air conditioning for awhile this afternoon/evening.  This morning Joe was outside mowing the yard and fields and I was upstairs rearranging and trying to clear out the baby’s room so we can paint and clean the carpets and get it ready for all the influx of his stuff that will be arriving in the next few months.  I managed to rearrange some stuff, but not all of it yet, so right now… it actually looks worse than it began 🙂 But I’m working on it and it will look nice in the end!

Joe isn’t feeling all that well today and I wasn’t feeling too good earlier either while we were doing errands.  I seem to be better now I think mine was just the hotness of outside and the car ride but Joe is still not feeling any better so we are laying low tonight.. having some chicken soup and bread for supper (even though it’s hot out) and watching T.V. etc. for the evening.  We did make it to the dump at least and to pick up our CSA share and now I’m doing laundry as well since I have to work tomorrow so it was still a pretty productive day anyways!


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