Hot Weekend

This weekend was very, very hot and steamy here! And still is actually since it’s Sunday night at 8:30 and our fans are on, the windows are open and we’re still roasting.  Thank goodness for air conditioning in our bedroom!

Yesterday morning we woke up and Joe wanted to go shooting so, with the promise of breakfast, I went along to the range to keep him company! I didn’t take my gun or go shooting myself but I had a nice bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and I read my book in the breeze… it was actually pretty nice down there, except the wind was too much for Joe’s shooting and for him it would have been nicer to be calm out!

WP_001075Breakfast and a view of down range



Joe setting up his gun for the day


Another view down range.  I only had two incidents with bugs. A weird green tree worm thing blew onto my shirt and then a funny, little, yellow, fat spider crawled around on my table while I was reading.  Oh, and something bit me behind my ear… maybe a fly.


Here is Joe doing some calculations with the wind and recording the days shots in his shooting book.

On the way home we stopped and checked out a sail boat that’s for sale.  It’s 25 feet and light enough for my car to pull.  Unfortunately, it is made by Chrysler…and after buying a car made by Chrysler… I’m not that inclined to buy a boat made by Chrysler! Although it is from the late 70’s and maybe Chrysler did a better job back then.  The other bummer I find about the boat is that the owner’s died in a horrible car accident on their way to Arizona.  The boat wasn’t with them… but maybe it still has some bad energy attached to it!  Otherwise it is in pretty good condition and seems nice!


After checking out the boat we headed to Sherwin Williams where I wanted to check out paint… that was unfortunate too because Sherwin Williams sells paint for like $60 a can and that’s a bit ridiculous.  I can get Glidden paint from Wal-Mart for like $20 something a can and it works just as well as far as I know!  We headed to Wal-Mart next to look at paint colours and we picked up some spackle and painters tape to start taping off the baby’s room to begin getting that ready.  I said I didn’t want to paint the ceiling because it’s so awkward but Joe volunteered to do it so the whole room is getting a nice paint job!

Since it was so hot out we spent some time in the afternoon napping in the air conditioning and then we took Cora swimming! Lots of other people thought the same idea but we found a spot that was private so it was just the three of us.








Cora got lots of playtime and Joe waded out far enough with her for her to even swim for a bit.  Even though she can swim, anytime she can cheat and try to reach the bottom she does!  She saw (and was scared) of her first big goose feather and she explored some grass and rocks and chased sticks in the water.  She also drank so much water I’m surprised the lake level didn’t go down a couple inches! She had to pee a lot the rest of the night 🙂

After swimming we came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening having our tomato soup for supper and watching some T.V. until bedtime!

This morning was really rainy here and we were hoping it would cool off but it didn’t and the rest of the day was just as hot as ever.  We spent most of the day around the house… doing a bit of cleaning, some laundry and Joe made a new meal plan for the week and I made a shopping list for tomorrow after work from his list and other things we are out of.  Tomorrow is back to work for us and will probably include a trip to the dump and to the gym for me in the morning before work. 

This afternoon we did take a drive to town for some ice cream and then we ate some of it while making a trip through the car wash.  Ice cream is good but they made our blizzards so tall that they were over flowing when they handed them to us and in the hot weather they were soon dripping down the sides and making big messes! We managed to contain most of it and even Cora got a scoop of ice cream… which I’m sure has corn syrup but it was so hot out we gave her a bit anyways.

Supper tonight was Joe’s homemade pasta and homemade marinara sauce and now Joe is out with the dog and then we’re settling in to watch the Next Food Network Star show before heading up to bed!


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