A Week of Suppers 7/1 to 7/7

Last week Joe volunteered to start cooking for us regularly.  He has always cooked for us sometimes but this time he said he would make me a shopping list and cook for us all week… which he did! It was very nice because I have been able to come home and do chores like start laundry or feed animals and wash eggs etc. and not worry about getting supper started too.  Often times when I cook supper I will try to cook supper and do chores at the same time and I tend to either make really easy suppers or I forget about things and don’t cook them as well as they could/should be cooked! And lately, the last few months, I haven’t wanted to cook very much anyways…so this week was super nice!

Here is what Joe cooked for us this week, sorry I only got pictures of a couple of meals, but all of the meals were very tasty!  Sunday evening Joe made me a shopping list and then Monday night after work I did the shopping and brought everything home for the week and then he did 99% of all the cooking and at least half the dishes to go with them too!


Monday – Steak salads… last week I picked up a whole 9lb New York Strip steak slab (much cheaper!) and Joe trimmed it and cut it into smaller steaks for us.  We have this meal pretty often and it’s one of my favourites because we can put as much veggies or meat as we want and our own dressing too.  Joe usually likes more steak on his and since I’m picky I get to pick the pieces of steak I want to put on mine… he special cooks at least one steak so it’s more well down so I’ll eat it 🙂

Tuesday – “Fat Free” Macaroni and Cheese… this was a weird meal, but it was really good!  It had cauliflower in it and then Joe used a separation technique to take the solids out of cheese so it was actually made with ‘cheese water’ instead of the full cheese.  That sounds really weird and I was skeptical but it was really good with some fresh basil leaves on top. I’d eat it again!

Wednesday – Eggplant Parmesean… a week or two ago I mentioned eggplant and how it would be nice to try eggplant cooked correctly once because I know people like it, but the only times I’ve ever tried to cook it I’ve cooked it poorly and not liked it much.  So Joe added some eggplant into our menu this week!  It turned out pretty good, I’m still not sure about eggplant but it was way better than any eggplant I’ve ever made and his homemade marinara sauce was super tasty too!

Thursday – Pork Fajitas, Chips and Guacamole… this is a pretty common meal around here too! This time Joe used a pork roast and pressure cooked it in a bit of beer to make it super tender.  Then he sauteed up onions, yellow pepper, jalapeno and cilantro and I made some homemade guacamole for us and we had a nice Mexican inspired supper!


Friday – Open… Friday’s are often our open days.  Sometimes I work early, other times late, sometimes Joe goes out to the bar with friends/coworkers for awhile and sometimes we’re both home.  Twice in the past month (which is rare) we’ve actually gone out together. Sometimes we cook, or have leftovers, or have easy food at home, and often we’ll go out and get supper.  This week I’ve been seeing Burger King commercials for original chicken sandwiches for $1.04 so I asked to either eat leftover fajitas or go to Burger King! So we had Burger King for supper!

Saturday – Tomato Soup with Chilli Squid, Crusty Bread… yea it sounds weird doesn’t it? Chilli squid. I was pretty skeptical about this one too, especially when my bowl came to me with tentacles in it (although Joe didn’t make me eat them, but he put them in there to look good and then he ate them for me!) I was not sure I would like squid in my tomato soup but it wasn’t bad! He did make me try at least a piece of squid and I ended up eating 3 pieces of squid with my soup 🙂 The soup part was great and I had seconds of that (it was all fresh and homemade and way better than canned).  And the squid actually wasn’t bad, I thought it would be chewy but it had a normal texture and it was not chewy…which is why I ate a few pieces of it afterall.


Sunday – Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce…. we have not had this yet since it’s only Saturday but tomorrow night is homemade pasta with homemade marinara for supper.  The marinara is leftover from earlier in the week so I know that’s good, and Joe made us homemade pasta last week (possibly last Sunday) and it was very good too… so I’m assuming this meal will be a winner! 🙂



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