Gender Revealed

We had our 20 week ultra sound today! 20 weeks is officially tomorrow and Baby T. happens to be a beast and measures just over 21 weeks in size coming in at an estimate of 14 ounces already.  If you check most websites say for 20 weeks it should be around 10 ounces 🙂  Everything else is absolutely normal heart, belly, lungs, arms/legs, kidneys, brain…all is well and functioning as it should!  The technician calculated the heart beat to be around 149bpm but then at my later doctors appointment she thought it was close to 130bpm although she does it by ear and the technician did it by computer so who knows what is correct!  Either way… perfectly healthy!


In bigger areas they have 3D ultrasounds but we don’t have that up here yet so we just had a normal ultrasound! You can see a little side view of the face and part of the body here.




And here is an arm!  I have a photo of the face straight on too, but it looks a bit like an alien 🙂 And some gender specific photos that I won’t post online!


And finally… since I made sure not to mention it through my whole post so far… He is officially a Boy! He got his first pair of running shoes today and after looking at his parents’ shoes… he is going to have very large feet!  He was very uncooperative during our ultrasound on discovering his gender.  I had to get up and go to the bathroom and move around and then he still kept his little legs crossed so finally we had to jab him a little bit to get him to move so she could tell! But after 10 minutes or so he gave in and he is definitely a little boy! Otherwise he was waving his arms around and squirming… he’s just a bit modest apparently!


3 thoughts on “Gender Revealed

  1. Congratulations, Maddie and Joe, on the little boy! SO exciting. Also, congratulations Joe on Grandma’s Marathon – good little training run for the BIG ONE coming up. Hang in there, Thompsons!

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