Lilac Season

I thought it was time for an update today! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  We are all doing good around here and like my post suggests our lilac tree is blooming and it’s my favourite!


Other random pieces of information:

  • There is about one more week until Grandma’s Marathon.  I won’t be running this year but Joe is still going to run I think and either way we’ll be heading to Duluth for the weekend to enjoy ourselves.
  • Joe has been training a lot lately not only for the marathon, but for his 50-mile race in August…just about two months away!
  • I’m still hoping to do at least the 5-mile walk in our local race in July.  This year they are adding a half-marathon as well which would be fun and Joe may decide to do that race himself.
  • Our grass is finally starting to grow although it’s patchy and uneven and probably won’t look nice this year yet.  Joe still had to mow it last weekend though because a lot of it was getting pretty long. He also picked out all the weird big rocks and chunks of stuff that came with the fill soil and made our yard look a lot nicer just by doing that.
  • I started to work on gardening and mulching this year but never quite got around to finishing.  I may still yet plant a few vegetables etc. We’ll see…
  • Joe had a client up for work this week and he was out late several nights so one of the nights I made myself some frozen sushi for supper.  I found some at the store that is totally cooked already and then you basically cook it again in the microwave to thaw/heat it so it’s safe for me to eat and perfectly tasty!
  • Baby T. is about 18 weeks cooked now.  We’ll find out a gender in about two weeks.
  • Cora is learning to go for walks and behave more politely in hopes that next spring and summer I could potentially take the dog and a stroller for a walk all at the same time and without Joe if he isn’t around.  I’d hate to have to leave Cora at home if I go by myself because she loves walks so much and I don’t want her to feel left out!
  • A new manager started at my workplace last week, and while I don’t mention my work very often on my blog, she seems really good and I like her and think I will keep liking her!
  • I’ve made it to the gym a bit more often recently.  Not running but using their elliptical machines to still get a good work out.  I miss regular good workouts like that but I can’t seem to get myself up early enough in the morning most mornings to go before work!
  • Today is my day off and I couldn’t ask for a better day!  I got to sleep in until 8:30 and then did some cleaning and chores and was at the gym by 10:30 where I stayed for almost an hour.  then I came home had a snack and Cora and I went out for a 3.25 mile walk to a nice little swimming spot where she got to swim and wade for a few minutes and then we headed back home.  It took us about an hour and we had the trail to ourselves the entire time which was wonderful!
  • This afternoon is going to be filled with chores, errands and shopping… I have to finish laundry and sweep/mop/vacuum our floors.  I may clean out my car and I’m going to go to town to pick up a few things including a new kitchen trash can if I can find a nice one for not a ton of money.  The one we have is technically fine but it has a swinging lid that always gets dirty and annoys the heck out of us.  I think it’s time to say good bye.  I’ll even give it a good send off and fill it up with random trash before I throw it away at the dump.  But we’ll see… first I have to find a replacement!
  • Tonight is Seafood Fest down by the waterfront.  Joe and I missed it last year for Grandma’s Marathon but this year the weekends are different so we’re able to go.  Joe did promise a coworker he would go out with him this evening though so I’m hoping we still get to go to Seafood fest afterwards!  Technically it runs tonight and tomorrow, but I would prefer to go tonight because it would top off an already great day and that way we’re sure to get crab legs! If we wait until tomorrow night (and I work until 7) then they might run out of things and if we don’t get to eat crab legs I’ll be disappointed… I love crab legs!


I interrupted a few fat bumble bees when I went out to cut flowers.  They were really large and friendly bees. I watched them for awhile, I’m glad they are at work doing their jobs!


These next couple are from the other day when Cora and Chloe were playing on the floor.


They both make really annoying noises while they do this game but they seem to like it I guess so I just ignore them.




I cut enough lilacs to fill 3 big huge vases full.  One for the kitchen counter, one for the bathroom and one in our bedroom.  I assume the cats will knock over the one in the bathroom in less than 30 seconds.  I bought a bamboo plant for the bathroom a couple of weeks ago (After the cats knocked down my fake/decorative paper plants for the third time) thinking they might leave it alone but I have caught Ocean nibbling on it several times now and out of the 6 or 7 stalks one is entirely dead and the others their leaves have holes and gnaw marks in them and they have knocked it over already once.  Apparently bathroom plants don’t make it long in this world.


Cora is passed out in the recliner in the other room as I type.  She must be tired after our walk and swim this morning because she came home, got her drink, finished her breakfast from this morning and then went right in to relax and take a nap!


Lunch today! Mmm.  Frozen pizza and a berry/milk smoothie.  I’m not even sure what all berries were in there… I think blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry with extra blueberries and then just milk.  It turned out good though and it made so much I have some for a snack later!


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