Recent Photos

Joe and I have been going on a lot more walks lately.. these next couple photos are from last Friday.  I got home and was a bit grumpy with my vacuum cleaner (which Joe fixed and cleaned over the weekend for me so it’s like brand new!) and Joe was out a bit later than normal so he said when he got home around 9 we could go for a nice walk with the dog.  We ended up walking for like an hour and a half and it was getting pretty dark out when we finally made it home.  It was a good walk though! I’m glad the weather is getting nicer and the days are longer!


The moon rising over the Moyle houses.  That’s what we call them.  Moyle is the contracting company that built this whole road/strip along the water but there are only 4 houses there so far and nobody seems to be in a hurry to buy more lots.  The road is gated, as if the rest of us in Dollar Bay are that scary.  It does offer water front though and it’s a pretty road they built, maybe someday it will fill up.


We managed to find a nice little trail down to the water front at the furthest end of our walk so Cora got to go swimming and chase sticks in the water for awhile.  I’m sure it was cold but she didn’t seem to mind.  She had a good time!  After this we headed back home.



I bought Cora a 40ft tie out for the yard incase Joe and I are outside working, she can come too then because she won’t stay if she is off leash! I wasn’t sure she would behave but I took her out with me to do some gardening and she did a very good job.  No person or dog or biker etc. went by the house though, I think if they did it would be another story and I might have to drag her inside! Plus the neighbors weren’t outside either.  She likes to bark at them which is embarrassing!  She spent her time split between playing with her orange pig, following me into the garden, and sitting nicely and watching cars go by.

WP_001008I haven’t planted much yet, and I think we may end up making a raised bed garden but I did manage to put some flowers by our back door and some geraniums in a pot in the front of the house. Plus I mulched about a third of the garden and I’ll keep going when I feel like buying more mulch!



We are getting some much needed rain and thunderstorms tonight!  I went outside debating whether I should try to pick grass for the chickens before the rain came and the trees were blowing and weird little leaf pod things were flying all over… so I settled for collecting eggs and saying goodnight and I made it to the house just in time!



Cora sporting a new bandana tonight and then Cora enjoying the view of the rain out in the front yard from the laundry room window.  Usually the blinds are down in here because it’s also a bathroom and if we left it open Cora would bark at the neighbors if she saw them 🙂 She has windows on the side of the house and upstairs for her to look out but none really facing the front!





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