Our Weekend Trip To Wisconsin

This past weekend Joe and I took a quick trip down to Wisconsin to visit my family! We arrived Friday night and mostly hung out, went and did a bit of shopping, and got ready for our busy day on Saturday.  For those who read Cora’s birthday post and saw I bought her a car hammock for her birthday… she absolutely hated it. Hate with a capital H she whined and was anxious the entire first half of the trip until I realized maybe she hated her hammock.  We undid the clips and she turned into a normal dog again and was quiet and patient the entire rest of the drive.  So much for her birthday present! Next year I should just hand her some meat or a tennis ball and call it good!

Saturday morning Joe and my dad headed south to go cowboy shooting.  My dad goes shooting pretty regularly but Joe had never gone shooting like this before so he didn’t totally know what to expect.  My dad explained it to him, and got Joe dressed up like a cowboy and I hear Joe did pretty good for never having done that before, or had any previous experience on the guns he used!  They had a full day with shooting and then they stopped at several gun stores on their way home before getting back around 3:30 or so in the afternoon.



My mom and I left just a couple of minutes after they did Saturday morning and we headed north to go to a bagpiping event… a parade/rally for Scotty dogs.  Normally the band does full parades in towns and cities for things like the 4th of July but this particular parade is just for the dogs each year and the band is the only attraction in the parade besides a ton of little dogs… some dressed up, some pulled in wagons or on floats/cars, others carried etc.  After the parade we had a party at one of the band member’s houses and had some good lunch before getting back home around 4:30 or so.


My mom is just to the right of the man in the red sash here. That is Bruce the pipe major, the one who is in charge of leading the band.  Originally they were going to wear their sweaters because the morning was chilly but eventually they started to play and warmed up enough that they had to take them off before the parade started.


My mom is the first person in the second row here, directly behind Bruce.  The band led the whole parade of dogs through town and past a big craft fair and then back out of town again.


All sorts of Scotty dogs dressed up. Old ones got pulled in carriages or were on floats/in cars with their owners.  Several dog siblings also walked in support of their Scotty dog relatives. And the one below, if you can see it, even had her own set of bagpipes attached to her dress!  Apparently people come from all over the world for this and they raise money for a Scotty dog rescue with several days of events!



After our busy days we stayed home for the evening and got easy fried chicken for supper and watched some T.V. before most of us went to bed… I fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours first, and then went to bed!

Sunday morning we slept in a bit, my mom and I went shopping to Kohl’s and Target while Joe got up and took Cora outside and my dad cooked us bacon for breakfast.  Once we were all home my mom finished with some french toast cooking and we all had a nice breakfast before Joe and I headed home just after lunch time.  Joe and I stopped quick at a kitchen store in Green Bay where we got a few things like kitchen towels and nice paprika and some more metal kitchen mixing bowls.  After that we headed all the way back up here to Houghton to a house full of animals waiting to see us after a weekend away!  Everybody was just fine when we got home but they were still glad that we came back!


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