Birthday Dog

We have a birthday dog in the house today! Cora is the nice age of 3 now, heading towards middle age but still young.  As I’m typing she is hauling a tennis ball out from under my desk and switching between the ball, a cat toy, and a stuffed green owl thing that is all dirty and  torn.  For her birthday she got a car hammock for the back seat of the car.  She hasn’t seen it yet but hopefully she likes it.  It doesn’t quite fit like I was imagining it would but it will still keep her dirty, sandy feet off the car seats this summer when she goes out for walks and to go swimming.  Maybe later we’ll buy her a hamburger or something too… I know she’d like that as a birthday treat.



Birthday dog posing for some pictures in our mudroom.  I didn’t mean to imply we were going out for a walk, but I went to get my phone to get pictures and she happened to follow me thinking we would do something else.  So her pictures are in the mud room by the door 🙂



She is wearing her nice, pink monkey bandana today too.  I was tempted to find a birthday one but that was a bit dorky.  She is happy to wear her monkey one, which is something I’d never have imagined she would do for me considering the puppy she was!  Ours is the dog that chewed through her puppy harness in about 30 seconds before we even made it to the car for her vet appointment, and the dog that would chew her leash apart on walks the minute she decided she was done walking!  Thankfully she enjoys walks now and we could go all day probably and she’d be happy to go with us!



One thought on “Birthday Dog

  1. Happy birthday Cora! You’re still a pup, but leave off of the mattresses; you’re past that age, now…

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