Baby T.

The news is officially out! A new member of the family will be joining us in November, and it isn’t another animal this time! (Although on a side note… we’ve been minimally debating another dog, but we’ll see about that! We can’t decide if Cora would like a friend or if she prefers being only-dog spoiled.)  That is one of the main reasons my blog has taken a hit, and while I may not go back to a post every day, hopefully I will be able to post more frequently now that I am not totally miserable!

Today, Monday, is 13 weeks and 3 days and depending on which calculator we use we are either just about to end the first trimester or have just begun the second.  We’ve had two doctor’s appointments and one ultra sound to get the correct date. At 6 weeks and 5 days we saw a nice little strong heart beat on an ultrasound and we got to hear the heart beat for the first time just before 11 weeks.  Our next appointment isn’t until about 15.5 weeks and we won’t get any more pictures or find out the gender until probably the end of June or beginning of July.  My guess is a little boy but Joe is leaning towards a little girl… we’ll love whoever we get of course, but it will be exciting to find out in a few weeks! November 15th is the official due date, although I’ve said I am aiming for 11/12/13 because you can’t do that every year! 🙂


Baby T. at 6 weeks and 5 days.  This is the first grand-baby for both sets of parents!

I’m starting to feel much better now and have gotten back to doing a bit of walking/minimal running and weights etc.  Especially now with the weather nice and Joe and I have been getting Cora out on some nice long walks as well.  I was originally planning to run the marathon in June still, and the doctor gave the ok to walk it… but then I was miserable for two months and my running went to almost nothing and I had to stop going to spin class as well.  Hopefully I can find a new lighter routine now that warm weather is here and I’m not miserable!  Joe may still run the marathon but isn’t decided yet, he will still be doing his 50-mile race in August of course!

Joe has been very nice and helpful and has done a ton of cooking for us since I haven’t wanted to do much (or any) of it!  And when he was out of town on his two trips I had a lot of cereal and macaroni and cheese and easy foods that sounded reasonably edible.  Don’t come near me with deep fried stuff like cheese curds, or anything related to cumin.  Yuck.  I also refuse most lettuce and things like salsa and cheese and soy sauce aren’t the same anymore.  Spicy foods I used to like have lost their appeal too… I can eat them fine, but I just find I don’t particularly want to eat them.  Bland foods seem to be better like oatmeal, fruit, or a lot of peanut butter and jelly toast. I even had to cancel my milk share because I couldn’t stand to think of milk (and I stopped drinking coffee) and I was too tired to feel like picking it up each week.  I wasted several weeks worth of perfectly good milk before I canceled my share for now.


I wasn’t able to share this before, but this is my gallon of pickled eggs!  Joe goes out to the bar each Friday after work with coworkers/friends and the bar they usually frequent is known for pickled eggs.  Several weeks in a row I asked him to bring me pickled eggs home so one day he got me a surprise and bought me an entire jar!  I’ve probably eaten half of them by now, although I have not had any at all this past week.  Joe and Cora have had some too… amazingly the dog loves jalapeno pickled eggs.  Don’t ask me why! It was a very sweet gesture from Joe!

I think that’s about all I can think of now for interesting news related to Baby T.  A couple of my coworkers have noticed I might be starting to look pregnant because they see me every day and can notice changes but my general consensus is I just look fat.  That’s unfortunate and a bit depressing since most of my pants no longer fit but most maternity clothes are still much too big and most strangers just think I eat too many doughnuts.  A couple weekends ago it was so nice out that I wanted to wear capri pants and I was so bummed that most of my clothes were too tight… Joe drove me to JC Penny and helped me look for pants for at least a half an hour, maybe longer trying to make me feel better!  I didn’t end up getting any, and decided to make do with what I have for now, but it was really, really nice of him! Hopefully within a few weeks it will be more obvious and eventually maybe I will post some pictures and share the gender when we know of course!




3 thoughts on “Baby T.

  1. Wow! congrats you 3! Some “experts” we’ve talked to suggest that morning sickness suggests the probability of a girl, another said it can indicate twins! We will be overjoyed with any and all outcomes- so happy for you! Grampa Jim, Granny L and Uncle Sam

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