Happy Mother’s Day and a Sunday Update

Happy Mother’s Day to our mom’s and Joe’s grandma today! Plus, all the other mom’s who may read my blog… we hope everybody is having a great day!

It’s our off day today here.  Joe and I are both home and we’re enjoying a low-key morning.  It’s been filled with some chores and some T.V. Plus hashbrowns and bacon for breakfast along with leftover steak for Joe and a bunch of strawberries for me.  This afternoon we’ll be running a couple of errands and then maybe doing some work outside or napping, and Joe will probably make us homemade hamburgers for supper on the grill! And of course we’ll talk to both of our mom’s!




Our kitchen is all nice and cleared up, the dishwasher is clean and just needs to be emptied, our laundry is already finished.  Our house is even mostly warm since last week we turned our heat off and then yesterday Joe turned it back on for me because I was too cold (the temperature dropped to the 40’s and I just couldn’t make it until it warmed up again!).


There are two bouquets of flowers on our counter.  The bright coloured one is for my friend Eleanor, I am going to drop it off this afternoon to her.  I’m sure he family sent her flowers too so she’ll probably have several bouquets around her apartment! Which works out nice since today is so dreary anyways.  The roses on the right I’m going to split up into smaller bouquets for the ladies who are working today and drop them off to them later as well.  One of the ladies this is her first Mother’s Day, the second this is her first Mother’s Day as a mama of two, and the third this is her first Mother’s Day as a grandma of 8! She already has 3 of her own children and her newest grandbaby was born a couple of months ago.


The view from our kitchen window today.  The temperature went down into the 30’s and 40’s again and we got a dusting of snow last night.  It’s not unbearable outside or anything, and still pretty nice considering recent weather… but it’s not 70 or sunny or a very good day to clean my chicken coop – which is what I was planning for today!


Cora’s allergy medicine came in this week too!  Today she will get her fourth allergy shot.  We start with the green vial and then go to the blue and then the red.  Right now she gets shots every 2 days but it will gradually increase to 5 days, then 6 days, and eventually we will give her one shot each month.  The shots are small, the most she gets is 1ml at a time and it goes right into the skin of her neck.  She doesn’t even notice it!  We also have some epinephrine for her just incase one of her shots causes her to have a reaction and she swells up etc. Hopefully that never happens, but we are prepared if it does.  We give her the shots in the evenings when we will be around so we can keep an eye on her for several hours just to be sure.  These shots cover all of her non-food allergies, including even mosquitoes, and her food allergies will be dealt with by us by making sure she doesn’t eat anything she is allergic to.


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