Stamp Out Hunger 2013

I post every year on Stamp Out Hunger and it’s coming up this year this coming Saturday! I have my bag of food prepared and ready to go.  It might not be as much food as usual but it’s still a bagful and I hope it helps a couple of families and/or people (such as elderly living all by themselves), get some good food! The only problem I feel bad about is that packaged foods (the only ones you can donate for this) tend to be so full of sodium and/or preservatives, even the vegetables I included, although I did go for several no sugar added fruits and whole grains when I could.  Some things you just can’t help I guess and if a family is able to get some staple goods and packaged foods for free, I hope that maybe they can use some of the income they do have to supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables as well so what they eat is more balanced.  And food is food afterall, if you have no food to begin with, a bit of extra sodium isn’t going to even cross your mind.  I’m just lucky enough to be able to have food I need and have the luxury of worrying about sodium and preservatives!  And since our supper tonight is consisting of leftover homemade potato salad, boxed macaroni and cheese (by request!) and fruit (because I feel like that might make it slightly more balanced!)…. I shouldn’t talk! 🙂


I hope everybody who is able donates on Saturday! Especially since it’s so easy to put food out by the mail box and let the mail man take care of it! I’m just hoping our mail man actually comes…


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