Cora’s Allergies

We got Cora’s allergy report back from the vet yesterday.  I thought we’d be lucky for them to find a couple of things she is allergic to, but instead they found 22 things she is allergic to, out of the 92 things they tested for!  We wonder how many things they didn’t test for, that she is also allergic to. It should be fun trying to figure all of this out for her.  Poor Dog!


Joe let Cora sit up on the vet table for awhile but she ended up having to get down because she was too tall for the ladies to draw her blood up there!  She did very well with the staff although she did grumble and bark when she heard or saw other dogs nearby.  I think she may have taken a couple of years off a Beagles life on her way out but nobody was hurt…she didn’t even touch him, she just woofed her might at him and he was a little scared.  But to the people she was very well behaved!

Cora’s allergies include most types of grass with full allergies to Fescue, Bermuda, Redtop, Timothy and Ryegrass and the numbers are very close to being allergic (but not officially allergic) to Blue/June, Orchard and Johnson grasses.  So grass is a bummer.  She is allergic to Ragweed (a relative of all the tansy we have out there), Lamb’s Quarters, and Dock/Sheep Sorrel for the weeds. Mulberry, Juniper/Cedar, and Box Elder/Maple for the trees.  Four types of fungus: Alternaria, Helminthosporium, Penicillium and Pullalaria.  Plus,two types of bugs… mosquitoes and cockroaches. I don’t think we will ever need to worry about cock roaches, yuck, but mosquitoes is a bummer.  And finally, 5 types of food including Pork, Corn, Lamb, Brewer’s Yeast and Sweet Potato.  Unfortunately, she really likes all meats and she likes corn products.  The corn might be the worst of the food too because she really likes to get a hold of any chicken poop she can and the chickens eat corn products so we’ll need to figure out how to keep that contained or her away from it at least!


We have some allergy shots on order for her, they mix up a vial especially with her allergies in mind and she’ll get regular allergy shots here at home to try and desensitize her to the effects…especially with the things we can’t avoid, like grass.  The foods we’ll avoid and then go from there if it still seems like she has allergies. She’ll probably need allergy shots for the rest of her life, but that’s a small price to pay for not being so itchy and uncomfortable, especially since the shots will be given here at home… and it should get her off long term steroids!


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