Better Late Than Never

I think spring has finally sprung here.  We may get a few more snow showers, but they won’t stick anymore!  Over the weekend it’s supposed to be in the 60’s here!


Above is our recent snow storm from the 19th.  It was one of the worst days driving home I’ve had this winter. I was stopped at the light when I took this picture, don’t worry! I got done with work several hours early because it was so very quiet and I enjoyed my afternoon at home… once I finally got there!


These two are from our snow storm on the 23rd.  Cora is the only one who really appreciated this snow fall. She thought it was great!



And finally! The weather shaped up and we’ve been getting sunnier days and more melting.  Above is from my 4 mile outside walk yesterday.  You can see the water but it is still ice/snow covered… although I wouldn’t bet on it and wouldn’t even walk out there right now! Below is from my walk with Cora along the water front today after we picked up medicine for her from the vet’s office.  The ice chunks are definitely breaking up again.  The Portage has been ice free, but it must have frozen over again.  Now it’s finally on the way out for good I think.  Looking forward to the 60’s this weekend!



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