Updates and Boston Aftermath

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I missed my promised post last weekend like I had planned! My mouse broke and I ended up getting a new one a couple of days later, but I can’t stand using the scrolling pad thing on the actual computer so I didn’t do very much on the computer for a couple of days… and then went into an 8 day stretch of work, so my post never happened!

This morning I’m pretty bummed about what happened in Boston yesterday. I’m sure most people know about it by now but there were two bombs placed at the Boston Marathon finish line and I believe the count is still 2 dead and dozens of others injured.  Plus, those who had not finished, didn’t get to finish.  Those people earned that day… you can’t just sign up for Boston, you have to earn your place by doing well in another marathon or by (I believe) raising several thousand dollars for charity and earning a place that way.  Whatever way these folks got into the marathon, they did something extraordinary either by running really well or by raising a lot of money and it’s so sad that their day turned out so awful.  Just for comparison, my best marathon last year was run in 4:54… to qualify for Boston in my age group I would have to run a marathon in 3:35 cutting almost an hour and a half off my race time.  These people are fast and dedicated and some of them may only get to do this once in their life time!

I was pretty mad about it yesterday afternoon when I first saw the news and I’m still of the same mind today.  I hope they do find whoever did it, and I hope the punishment is swift and harsh.  I don’t believe Massachusetts has the death penalty, otherwise that would be my vote.  So all the victims now can only hope for life in prison without parole which hardly seems fair when most inmates get T.V., heat, warm clothes and warm showers, enough food and even exercise.  They will live better than many families live, even if they aren’t allowed to do what they want when they want to do it. In this sort of case I don’t think the punishment fits the crime.  Maybe I am too harsh but if you do something like this… it’s purposeful and coldhearted…. there is no accidentally placing bombs and accidentally having them go off and accidentally killing people.  It was entirely intentional and the person or people who did it should suffer for years in payment and even then that’s not enough, because you can’t bring those dead people back to life.  An exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, amazing day turned into one of the worst days ever in at least two families lives.  You can’t take that back. I feel for those all of those runners and families and my thoughts are with them.

Now, in other news… we’ve had a busy week around here.  A lot more snow! Fantastic! 🙂  I worked an 8 day stretch at work and now have today and tomorrow off.  Since I worked the entire weekend Joe also did work on both days as well so now he is also on a long stretch… actually longer than mine even since he doesn’t have today or tomorrow off.  We’ve been having pretty easy food lately but Joe cooked us several good risotto’s, and we had some pasta salad last night… in hopes of spring!

WP_000820One of Joe’s supper’s… squid with risotto.  My plate did not contain tentacles!

The light has been getting longer during the day, so the chickens are loving it, but the snow has kept me from cleaning them out still and I can’t wait to get in there and do it!  Cora has also been going stir crazy as there is no good place to walk with her now.  The snow is so melty and squishy even on our normal around the pole barn route and the trails are worse and right in the middle between snowshoeable and walkable… where you can’t do either.  Even the road that cross our road at the top of the hill is dirt so it’s all muddy and gross and we can’t even go up there.  I’m thinking I may try taking her down by the water today to see if the path by the river is melted yet but I kind of doubt it.  She really just needs a good walk and we can’t even do that! We are all ready for spring!


Yesterday morning in the U.P.  Awesome huh? We got a fresh coat of snow last week with more chances the rest of this week.  We may have to move.


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