Trail Cam Pictures: Crows, Doves, Squirrels, Raccoons, Cats and more!

Well I put the trail cam out a few days ago, brought it in this afternoon, and discovered I had taken roughly 1600 pictures!  I deleted some of the bad ones, and should definitely sort through them even more… but man did we have a lot of activity!

My biggest discovery was that now that spring has arrived animals have either flown back (crows) or woken up from hibernation (racoons) and I am now feeding several varieties of animals from my cat food feeder instead of just the barn cats like I’d prefer!  I don’t mind feeding the other animals, but especially the raccoons… I don’t want to get rid of them, but I don’t necessarily want to encourage them to move into my barn either!


A nice big crow coming in for a snack of cat food.  Don’t mind the trash.  It’s technically our trash but we didn’t put it there in the barn, we bought it that way and in 4 years have yet to clean out the barn.  I’m much less likely now after realizing there are probably bats, and maybe raccoons living in it! They can have it!


The crow only stayed to eat for a few minutes.  They also get food from the bird feeder!


Then there was a slump in activity for a couple days, although my camera did tip over at some point because I had propped against snow that melted so it could have been that time when it was aimed at the ground.


Here is our fat raccoon friend.  Lovely.  We saw the first photos of him waddling in and he is very large!


And unfortunately protective of his food spot.  I just hope I never walk the dog when it is out there.  I think it may be about time to stop feeding for the spring although I don’t want to leave our barn cat high and dry until it’s really summer and he can catch lots of mice or squirrels etc.  The raccoon stuck around for several hours snacking and finally left just before 5am.


Not sure if barn cat was trying to eat earlier and the raccoon scared him off or if he just happened to show up about an hour after the raccoon left. I’d prefer it if the raccoon did not harm (or bite!) my barn cat.  I don’t know if they would do that, but it was showing it’s teeth in a handful of photos. Awesome.


At least barn cat got some breakfast!  He is also the culprit who keeps tipping over my feeder! At first I thought it was the crow and then the raccoon, but we have proof in pictures of barn cat clumsily walking past it and tipping it over 🙂


And then an hour later Cora and I were outside, although I do not remember taking her out at 6:53 in the morning so I think the time is an hour off and it was probably 7:53 and still a little bit dark in the barn door so it used the nighttime camera.  I never did change it with the time change, so I’m sure that’s what happened!

Then this morning I took the trail came over to the bird feeder and propped it up over there and we had a steady stream of animals come through all day. Several grey squirrels, a black squirrel, a feisty red squirrel, crows came several times, chickadees and/or sparrows -whatever they are, little red poles and morning doves.  At one point there were probably close to 50 red poles sitting in our lilac bush outside above the camera, I tried to get a photo of them from inside the house but they ended up moving.  I’ve never seen so many little birds in a flock like that outside our window! It was pretty neat!  I need more feeders for next year!













Most of our photos were of squirrels because it takes a photo every 30 seconds and the squirrels hung around for a long time but we got some nice ones of the other birds etc. too!


These two come from inside the house.  The little birds got spooked from the lilac bush and some of them swarmed up into the trees up by the power lines.  It’s not nearly as cool as when the huge bunch of them were in the bush but you can see tons of little dots up there that are all the birds.  Below you can see two grey squirrels on the left and a little red squirrel on the right.  The red guy did not want to share and kept chasing the grey’s off.  Finally he gave up, I think he did get some food, but the grey’s didn’t let him eat alone!


In other news today, it’s still snowing as I type.  Perfect! We may as well just skip spring and summer at this point and go right to next winter!  I’m pretty tired of snow, cold, hats, mittens, boots, long sleeves all the time etc.  It’s getting old.  I know I still have months before we hit summer dresses and pasta salad, but I could be content with middle weather for awhile… like jacket and capri pants, or even chilly but the lilac bush is blooming, or even the trail is muddy, but still walkable weather! Anything… but this.  Tomorrow I will post another weekly update with some new photos from around the house!  Joe cooked us shrimp risotto earlier in the week, and as I type he is in the kitchen cooking us squid risotto…yea.. squid. We’ll see how that tastes, I am skeptical and have already asked for less squid and more risotto… but I will try it! He is not serving the head or tentacles etc. Stay tuned for that tomorrow…


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