Black Barn Cat Hello

I was on my way to work this morning and I was driving to turn the car around and there was the newest barn cat, just hanging out on the snow bank! I had no time to get out and coax her so I opened my window and we chatted for a moment and then I continued on to work and she continued on to get some breakfast!  I said Hello and she meowed back and talked… seems like a nice, friendly cat. It’s long hair is in good condition so it makes me think she has a home somewhere…. I just don’t understand why so many people let their cats out? We are ‘rural’ but we certainly aren’t out in the middle of farm country.  Our property borders about 9 other properties and there are neighbors all up and down the road, not to mention the highway just down the street. None of our cats will be going outside for sure!


My picture made the poor cat look a bit rabid but I must have just caught her in the middle of a polite meow because she was very friendly sounding and chatty…seems like a nice kitty! I hope my brown barn cat is coexisting well and everybody is getting enough to eat!


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