Winter Bonfire

Today Joe’s boss had a nice wintery bonfire at his home and invited us and a few others to join them for chilli, snowshoeing and then time around the fire! It turned out to be a beautiful day too and we had a great time!


There were a total of 5 dogs bounding around and hanging out with us.  They were all very careful around the fire but had lots of fun in the surrounding snow.  These two belong to one of Joe’s coworkers named Tim.  I can’t remember all of the dogs names off the top of my head.  We did not bring Cora!  She isn’t good off leash and we don’t know how she would have done with 5 other dogs all at once!


Joe’s coworker on the left and Joe’s boss on the right.  This log had a cool handle like a suitcase, where a branch had grown out and then back into the tree, so they were trimming it to make it look cool.


Joe standing across the fire from me.  After Tim and three of the dogs left, Joe’s boss, Scott, and Joe stayed by the fire for awhile while his boss’s wife, Lori, and I went out snowshoeing with their two dogs. It was a gorgeous day to go snowshoeing!


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