Egg Count as of Today

As of this evening when I collected eggs, I have officially counted 21, 564 eggs over the past three years, 1.5 months!  We got our first egg on Valentine’s Day in 2010 after getting our first batches of chicks in the fall of 2009.  That’s a pretty good egg total, and if anything that’s on the low end because occasionally I find shells (if the poke one open they will eat it) and I know one chicken for awhile was laying eggs in a spot I can’t get to so I let her keep them.  Obviously they did not hatch but they are stuck back there… so my count is low if anything!


Now I know why the entire wall in the barn is covered with egg totals and tally marks! 🙂

Otherwise today Joe and I went on some errands after sleeping in for a bit… we went to places like the dump and the grocery store.  Supper tonight is steak, cheese curds and some sort of vegetable maybe arugula or beets or something else from the fridge.  Joe is mostly cooking that so I’m not totally sure!  Joe ran today and began our taxes as well.  I took a nap and did some other chores like laundry and making dog food.  Cora just guarded the house and let us know anytime she saw a cat outside lurking around! It’s also snowing again which really bugs Joe but it’s still pretty much winter here so we can’t help it!  I’m beginning to think winter may never end and I’m starting to get tired of it too.  I think everybody is!  We even debated buying a lot of salt and trying to melt it all early 🙂

Tomorrow we absolutely have to put our mail box back up because they will only hold your mail for 30 days and that was up on Friday! Plus our snow shovel broke so we will need to find a new one of those, but all of the retail stores are already set up for spring and summer (clearly I would like to buy a bathing suit, pool toys, summer sandals, or potting soil because there is still 4 feet of snow on the ground and snow blowing and whirling past my window as I type!… but a shovel? Never would I want or need one of those right now!), so we’ll have to go to a local hardware store and I checked one out the other day and a shovel was $50! Who pays $50 for a shovel?? Needless to say I did not buy that shovel and we’ll keep looking and see if we can find something else and only spend $50 if we must.

Here’s hoping this is our last snow storm of the year and spring is just around the corner!


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