Barn Cat #2

Joe went outside with Cora and found a big, black cat staring at him from the second story of our barn!  He showed me the picture and I said that is barn cat! But it wasn’t barn cat, because barn cat is brown and this one is black.  Then shortly after we did see barn cat, sitting near the chicken coop scoping out the barn and looking angry that another cat was in his territory!  Awesome.  Poor barn cat.  Joe went out after a little while and found them both yowling at eat other in one of the rooms of the barn that is still full of hay.  I hope they went their own separate ways and nobody got hurt.  I like to leave cat food out there so if anybody is hungry they can help themselves, but I don’t want cat fights in my barn.  Joe said the black cat sounds like a screaming baby so I’m sure between that noise and the roosters crowing at all hours of the day the neighbors really love us!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

I don’t know who this cat is or where he or she comes from, but it looks gigantic.  Barn cat is also large.  I’m not sure if we really have that many neighbors who let their cats out or if that many people really just dump their cats and then they find our barn because it’s safe and out of the wind and I leave food outside.  I hope they all have homes. We already have 3 in the house and I’m not going to go catching all the strays and bringing them inside!  To be fair, we could never catch barn cat #1 anyways, he is way too smart and fast.  The least I can do is keep food out there during the winter so they can get something to eat.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Besides these two barn cats who we don’t know if they have homes or not there are also Socks and Doo Little who come across the road from the neighbors house and then a third cat who I see walking past the window occasionally, she looks very similar to Doo Little but has a bright purple flee collar on and she looks very well fed so I assume she has a home as well.  Then last year there was an orangey cat I saw around the barn several times but I haven’t seen it  for a long time.  Barn cat #1 has been around for several months though, maybe even close to a year.  We don’t always seem him regularly but he always turns back up and I regularly need to fill the cat food out in the barn door for them (although I know the cats with homes also come over for snacks).  Now I guess we will see if this barn cat #2 sticks around.  I should try a litter box out there or something because I know they are just going to the bathroom right in the barn and it already smells bad… It’s going to be awful to clean up!


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