Sous Vide/Mashed Potato Fail

Well tonight we the night to try out Joe’s sous vide cooked ribs!  They actually turned out nicely cooked and tender, the only issue with them was the fish sauce he added to the marinade.  After 3 days of slow cooking it sort of gave off a smell and after taste of dirty feet.  The dog thought it was awesome but we couldn’t quite eat it ourselves.  The actually process worked wonderfully though so next time it will be a success!

Then, on top of it, Joe told me to get mashed potatoes but I decided to just make us some.  I forgot to add garlic when I was cooking the potatoes so I tossed in raw garlic when I was ‘mashing’ them with the stick blender.  I added cheese at this point too (which I do not normally do but I was being all creative) which made my potatoes a nice gluey texture and then I got annoyed and quit blending them, unknowingly leaving the 4 cloves of garlic whole instead of blended into tiny bits.  So when Joe went to take a bite of his glue potatoes he got a big hunk of raw garlic in his mouth.  He was not thrilled.

So after several bites of feet ribs and gluey raw garlic potatoes our supper was pretty much over… and I believe we had popcorn later 🙂



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