Catch Up

Somehow lately it seems like we are all caught up for several days and then something throws us off guard or we end up getting behind for a day or two again.  I suppose that’s just how life goes, but this week was a two Taco Bell suppers week.  I can’t remember the last time we did that! Although to be fair, the new Cool Ranch Dorito Taco came out this week… and the first Taco Bell supper was because we wanted to try it out!  The second supper was because we both worked all day (on Saturday) and wanted an easy quiet night and just grabbed it on the way home when Joe picked me up from work.  I am spoiled when I work on weekends… Joe drops me off (sometimes we go on errands first) and then he picks me up from work after I’m finished… so especially in the winter, the car is all nice and warm and I don’t have to shovel it off!  Then Joe goes to work too while I am at work and catches up on his work projects.  He has an incredibly packed schedule until at least June!


This is what the counter is going to look like when the dishwasher does not work and we don’t do dishes for a couple of days.  Most of the dishes we own are piled up to dry! It wasn’t really that bad, but it looks bad because we used a lot of pots and pans because I made a batch of dog food, plus we used the slow cooker, drank lots of soy/almond milk and then had normal dishes for a day or two on top of it.  We should get into the habit of doing dishes right after supper, and often times one of us will, but some nights we mostly just want to go to bed!


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