Salmon and Couscous

Today was one of my last days working 8-4:30 so I made sure to enjoy it! I do have one more next week, that will be my official last one.  Over the years we have had an 8am shift or just 8:30 shifts…and for the past few weeks we have been trying out an 8am shift again.  It’s nice because you get done early, but you also have to get up early! I have to leave extra early at 7:30 if I want to get across our bridge before 8am.  If I leave at 7:45, which is what I would normally do leaving 15 minutes beforehand, I can’t make it across the bridge because it is so busy.  So I have had to leave at 7:30 and then I get to work by 7:45 but if I leave any later then I’m late!  So that part I won’t miss, but I will miss being finished with work by 4:30 in the afternoon.  We are actually switching back to 8:30 being the earliest shift and they are moving to 9 hours with a full hour lunch instead of 8.5 hours with a half an hour lunch… so now my days at work will just be longer and later.  Awesome.

So today was a nice day because I was done so early and I came home and fed everybody and was all ready to cook supper when Joe got home.  Last night I was going to make this meal for us, but Joe got home so late from work… it’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge time again (Joe’s work holds a competition each year for college teams from around the country) and Joe is a judge so he was checking out machines all day and didn’t get home until after 8.  By then it was late to cook supper so he just had a snack and we went to bed early instead!

Tonight then I had to cook salmon because it was already thawed.  Joe headed upstairs to run after work and I got supper ready pretty quick.  The salmon was just baked at 350 degrees for about a half an hour and it was covered in about a cup of cream and salt, pepper, dill and thyme.  There was supposed to be marjoram too, I thought we had some, but couldn’t find it… so I skipped it!  My couscous was totally from a box but I added sauteed tomatoes and sprouts to it (Joe said the texture with the sprouts was a bit odd but I didn’t want to waste them!) and then steamed some broccoli and put a bit of cheese on it.  Not fancy… and I think I overcooked the fish.  I do tend to overcook meat… pretty much always! But it was edible and it was supper!



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