Marquette Trail 50 Ultra Marathon

This year Joe’s big event is going to be a 50-mile trail marathon located just a couple of hours from our home in Marquette, MI (Click the link for more info!  I read about the race last year and had it bookmarked as an interesting/possible event and then I think Joe mentioned wanting to do a longer race… and I knew about this one which is so close so he decided to give it a try!  It’s a gorgeous trail from the photos and they give you 13 hours to complete the race which should be fine for Joe since he did a full Iron Man in only a couple of hours longer than that!  Maybe next year if Joe likes it (and if I enjoy watching it!) then maybe I’ll try it, or we can both do it together… we’ll see!

(Here is a map of the route, I had a picture from Joe’s Iron Man up but he rejected it and said this was cooler!  This is from the race and not my own picture! As if anybody would think I could even make my own map that cool… :-))

So now Joe has started back into training mode and runs most evenings after work while I do stuff with animals and get supper ready on the days when I am home early.  Otherwise on the days I get home late Joe gets stuck feeding everybody, then running, then usually preparing supper afterwards too!  Right now it’s pretty basic training but as the summer moves on it will be more and more running!



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