Copper Dog 2013

Joe and I missed last years Copper Dog sled race but we went the year before and it was really interesting so this year I really wanted to go back and Joe said he would go too!  Too bad it was absolutely frigid outside even bundled up in several layers.  I didn’t think we stayed out for that long but we were out there for over an hour watching dogs and we ended up seeing a lady I know who has malamutes and I think Alaskan huskies so we chatted with her for a bit.


There were around 26 teams this year (26 finished at least) and Joe and I saw most of them leave the chute.  Gorgeous dogs and they all seem so excited to run.  We did hear that sometimes in races the mushers don’t take very good care of their animals and the results are  really sad… I find that a huge bummer because I would have thought the mushers would do an outstanding job with their dogs because the dogs are doing all of this for them… but I guess like in all sports, there are those who want to win and don’t care how they do it.  I was pretty bummed to hear that bit and it made me like the event less, although I like to think that the majority of mushers do do a great job with their dogs.  I told Joe I wouldn’t mind having sled dogs but he said absolutely not!  Plus, we both agreed our dogs would probably be ridiculously fat and spoiled and probably not very well trained so we would never make it out of the chute! Ha.

A second bummer about the evening was that I did not bring my camera.  I have been mostly taking photos with my phone lately and it does a good job except I didn’t realize it’s really bad at moving shots and for that sort of thing my real camera is a lot better!  So I only got a couple of decent pictures between Joe and I both trying.  I should have at least grabbed my camera just in case! Now I know!  So we had fun doing a lot more watching and a lot less picture taking!


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